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Kung Fu Panda 2 Birthday Party Theme

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Po is back in the new Kung Fu Panda 2 Movie The Kaboom of Doom hitting the big screen May 26th 2011.  Of course with that kids will be wanting a Kung Fu Panda Birthday Party Theme and I amto show you some of the new Kung Fu Panda 2 Party Supplies along with some Ideas that will help with the Party planning.

Can you believe that the original Kung Fu Panda Movie debuted in 2008? Seems like just yesterday to me and personally I cannot wait to see this sequel for I am a big fan of this movie.

Now lets talk Party !!! You can start the party off with one of these Kung Fu Panda 2 Party Invitations

in a ticket style since the party is based around a movie.  These are also available in a VIP Invite Style as well which the kids also really like and can wear if you are taking them to see the movie in the theater. There are many design choices and all can be personalized with your party information. You also have the option to print them at home which is great for last minute party planners.

For your Paper Goods, well they just released these New Kung Fu Panda 2 Party Supplies featuring Po the Dragon Warrior himself along with some of the other popular characters from the movie. The bright colors make it easy to mix and match them with solid colors too. There is a large selection of matching items in this collection as well.

There are quite a few balloons to match, but one of my personal favorites is this Kung Fu Panda Balloon

featuring Po’s full body. I think this is a must have at any Kung Fu Panda Party mixed in with some solid latex balloons – don’t ya think? I love this balloon !!!

When it comes to decorating your Party area you can hang some of the Kung Fu Panda 2 Movie Posters

with a mix of Asian inspired decor such as Chinese Lanterns, Paper Dragons, Bamboo etc….

Have some fun with the food at the party – forget the utensils – give the kids all Chopsticks and have some fun watching then try and master them – now that will be funny to watch.

Kung Fu Panda Party Food Ideas:

  • Master Monkey Meal (Bananas)
  • Mr. Ping’s Famous Noodle Soup (Ramen Noddles, Buttered Spaghetti or Noodles)
  • Master Shifu’s Shrimp (Shrimp Skewers)
  • Tai Lung Burgers
  • Master Tigress Pizza
  • Viper Ice Cream
  • Po’s Kung Fu Chicken Nuggets

Of course you can cater the party with Chinese Food, but a party is not really the time to get kids to try new things. Keeps the food familiar and just give them different fun names based on the characters from the movie and don’t forget those Chopsticks!!

Kung Fu Panda Party Game Ideas

Po’s Kung Fu Staring Contest – Have the Birthday child start off choosing one of the party guests to challenge them at a staring contest. Have them sit facing each other and on go they must stare at each other without Laughing or Blinking (you choose). Who ever breaks first is out and the winner gets to pick from another guest that has not gone yet to challenge. Keep playing until everyone has had a turn and you have a winner.

Master Shifu Says –Play this as you would Simon Says, but add in lots of fun Kung Fu moves. Of course this will have more of an impact with the Kung Fu Panda Soundtrack playing in the background.

Ninja Warrior Training Camp –  Set up an obstacle course using things you may already have around the yard. Have the kids do Jumping Jacks, Push Ups etc.. Have them kick a soccer ball back and forth, keep balloons up in the air only using their hands and feet, play catch etc… Have fun with it and train your guests to be the best they can be.

Dumpling Transfer – Get two large bowls, as set of chopsticks and create some Dumplings (for this you can use Biscuits, Crumbled up Paper, Small Toy Balls etc..). Then in one bowl have a bunch of your Dumplings and leave the other bowl empty. Set a timer for maybe 2 minutes and on go the guest must transfer as many Dumplings from one bowl to the next using only the Chopsticks.

Chopstick Relay – For this game break your party guests into two teams and line them up. Give each guest a pair of chopsticks. At one end you will have a plate with various food items on it such as noodles, crackers, fortune cookies etc.. on the opposite end of the line you will have an empty plate. On “Go” they must transfer all the food from one plate to the other down the line using only their Chopsticks. If the food falls then it must go back to start. Game ends when one teams transfers all of their food.

Wood Board Break – Using the thinnest Balsa Wood Boards you can get a nice amount to have enough for all your party guests. Have 2 parents hold them and let the kids break them with a good kick or punch. Kids love this, but be sure to use caution and safety when doing this. Using Thin Balsa Wood should be fine and very easy for the kids to break with no issues. You can also use Styrafoam Boards that would be much safer which you can find in your local craft store – you can then color them brown and drawn on lines to look like wood. Oah and make sure the kids know to say “Ha” nice and loud when they go in for the break.

Kung Fu Panda Freeze Dance – Get that “Kung Fu Fighting” music playing and have the kids dance their very best Kung Fu moves and when the music stops and they are still going then they are out.

Feed Po – You can create a Feed Po Game simply by using a Kung Fu Panda Poster

that has Po on it (there are a few good ones of him up close) and them creating some fun Food Items to pin on by printing out photos from the web or even cutting some from magazines for the kids to use. You can also take the poster and cut a nice hole by his mouth and attach that to a  piece of wood or thick cardboard and have the kids toss some play food into his mouth. Po likes to eat !!

Sword Training – Purchase an Inflatable or Foam Sword

for each party guest (they can also take it home as part of their party favors) and blow up a bunch of Balloons prior to the party. Throw the balloons up in the air and the kids have to keep them up using their swords only and as they hit them have they say “Ha” just adds to the fun (lol).

The most important thing when playing the games and at the party is the music – I would purchase the Kung Fu Panda Soundtracks which feature all the great songs from the movie – Soundtracks from both movies 1 & 2 can be found HERE.

I also located a Kung Fu Panda Bingo Game

that the kids would love to play. This Bingo Game can be personalized with your Child’s name on it as well. These Bingo Cards are 8.5″ x 11″  and ready to print when you are. They are sold in sets of 10, but you can purchase as many as you will need for the party. I have used Bingo Cards from this same seller and the kids loved it. All of the calling cards come with the game too.

How about teaching the kids the Kung Fu Panda Dance? I have a separate post showing you how with an Instructional Video and I have also created a Printable Kung Fu Panda Dance Cheat Sheet you can print out as well. This dance is done to the Kung Fu Fighting Song and the kids will have such a great time mastering all the moves.

Kung Fu Panda Party Activity

A Fun activity for the kids that will also double as a party favor is to let them Stuff a Plush Panda that looks similar to Po. These Stuffable Panda’s are available in both 16″ and 8″ sizes so there is something for all budgets.

These are available on my main website and I have also put together a Special Price for a Kung Fu Panda Party Package which includes your Stuffable Panda (either size), Karate (Kung Fu) Outfit that has 9 colored Belts, Wishing Star Insert, Custom Kung Fu Panda Birth Certificate and Directions. These are stuffed by hand with no sewing required and the kids love to do it and love to take them home.

To order stop by my website here: The Party Animal

Now when it comes to Cake time there are many options you can do. You will find a number of Kung Fu Panda Edible Cake Images

available which simply get placed on the top of your baked and frosted cake. Most of the time these can be personalized as well.  You can also just create your own cake anyway you like it and then place some of the Kung Fu Panda Figures on the top which is an extra bonus to the birthday child since they will get to keep them after the party. The Kung Fu Panda McDonald’s Toys are perfect for this.

Also available is the Kung Fu Panda 2 Kaboom of Doom Cake Topper which you see pictured to the right and includes Po and The Dragon Warrior.

But for me I am all about Cupcakes – Cupcakes just make things easier for us parents and we do not have to sit there and cut a cake, but that is just me. So I have created some FREE Printable Kung Fu Panda Cupcake Toppers for you. All you need to do is print them out on Heavy Cardstock Paper, Cut and tape them to a Toothpick or Craft Stack and place them into your Baked & Frosted Cupcakes. Super easy and FREE – gotta love FREE.

There are 16 Cupcake Toppers in all featuring all of the popular characters from the new Kung Fu Panda 2 Movie. The Cupcake Wrappers you see in the photo are called Burnt Orange Cupcake Wrappers and they can be found at

Now lets talk about your Kung Fu Panda Party Favors. Of course if you are doing the Stuff a Plush Panda that would double as your Party Favor and there would be no need for much of anything else. If not I have some additional ideas for ya.  I love sending kids home with Edible & Usable Party favors so one of my favorite things are these Chocolate Covered Rice Krispy Treat Pandas. These are HUGE in size weighing in at approx. 3-4 ounces, they come on a stick and are individually wrapped.  These are available to purchase on my main website here: The Party Animal. I use these myself and the kids love them and when I say they are HUGE in size I am not kidding.

One of my other favorite things to send home with the kids are Books and you can find a number of Kung Fu Panda Books on the market for every age group. These pair up well with the Treats above or some Homemade Cookies along with a Drink and a fun Bookmark. Then the kids go home with a good read and a snack they can enjoy along with it. Easy and it is a favor you can feel good about send the kids homes with.

Some additional fun items you can stick in their bags – Chinese Finger Traps

(love these), Chopsticks, Fortune Cookies, Fortune Telling Fish, Asian Tattoos etc… And you can even pack it all up in a Chinese Take Out Container !!! I would go to your local Chinese Restaurant and see if you can barter for some of these items really cheap !!

Also Note that you can find a ton of FREE Kung Fu Panda Printables right on the Kung Fu Panda 2 Movie Website under downloads. There you will find Kung Fu Panda Coloring Pages, Mazes, Connect the Dots, Paper Airplanes, Bookmarks, Printable Kung Fu Panda Boardgame, Pencil Toppers, Fortune Tellers, Kung Fu Panda 3D Paper Characters (great for party decor) and even FREE Printable Kung Fu Panda Masks and more – YES and the are all FREE so take advantage.  You can print and add these into the Party Favors or use them during the party. FREE, it’s a good thing (lol).

I hope I was able to give you some ideas to help with your Kung Fu Panda Party Planning and if you have anything you think I should add on to this post just Contact Me and let me know.  If you have had a Kung Fu Panda Party and want to share your photos and details I would be happy to post it on the Blog for all to see.

Have a great Party ~ Prepare for awesomeness !!


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