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Kung Zhu Pets for the Boys

February 16, 2010 by  
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Holy Moly Zhu Zhu Pets  – looks like they are coming out with a line for the boys. Maybe they were feeling that the market was directed towards the girls, but not any more. Coming soon you will be seeing a new line of toys from Cepia LLC the geniuses behind Zhu Zhu Pets that will make the perfect gift for any little boy who wants to get into the action.

They will be releasing two new lines and there will be your Ninja Warriors and Special Forces – How cool is that? It gets better – they will even have battle armor that they can wear when they battle in their vehicles and play arena.  They will also have different sounds that will be much different that the original Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters that will make the whole experience even that much more fun. Let the Battles Begin!!

Like I have said before – it looks like Zhu Zhu Pets will still be on all the kids Christmas Lists again this year with an even bigger selection of fun toys now for both the Girls and the Boys – I cannot wait to see what is coming next. It is definitely one surprise after the other. Bring it on Cepia!!!

***You should start seeing these Kung  Zhu Pets in the stores in and around June 2010 – or just sign up for my newsletter and I will keep you up to date.***

***UPDATE – I have created a Kung Zhu Page featuring everything available here: Kung Zhu Pets


4 Responses to “Kung Zhu Pets for the Boys”
  1. kung zhu says:

    does someone know if this toy will selling in europe?

  2. I do not know – can you order through EBay? I do not think they are even available as of yet.

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