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Get your Kung Zhu Pets Now before they are Gone

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If you follow me you know I write a lot about the Zhu Zhu Pets and the Newest Kung Zhu Pets and I try to keep parents up to date on everything new and coming. Here is the thing – I know it is only Summer and it seems that Christmas 2010 and Holiday Shopping seems so far away – it is not. If your kids are fans of all the Zhu Zhu Pet Toys and the Kung Zhu Pets – I HIGHLY recommend that you order them now before they become very hard to find.

You may or may not remember last year when the Zhu Zhu Pets got so popular and all the kids had them on their Christmas Lists and there was a shortage of stock so the only place you could find them was on EBay at outrageous prices – well I see that happening again this year – especially with the Kung Zhu Pets.

The Kung Zhu Pets were being released for sale June 2010 and they are starting to make there way into stock, BUT they are selling out just as quick as they are getting there. The same thing will probably happen with all the playsets as well. So you get my point – get them now to avoid not finding them later and paying way too much for them. Trust Me – I was in Toys R US last year watching all the parents going nuts.

In addition to the Kung Zhu Pets – There are lots of new Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters and Accessories coming out as well.  So stay on top of things – Pre-Order and avoid the Madness.

I have created a Zhu Zhu Pet Gift Shop where I keep you up to date with all the new Zhu’s in the Zhu-niverse. It has been a great help to Parents including myself since I have a Zhu Zhu Fan in my home to see everything Available.


2 Responses to “Get your Kung Zhu Pets Now before they are Gone”
  1. Paul says:

    Thanks for the heads up! Need to order fast…

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