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The Lorax Birthday Party Theme Lorax Party Game Ideas: Lorax Party Activity Ideas: Lorax Cupcake & Treat Ideas: Lorax Party Favor Ideas:

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Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax is making his debut on the big screen in the new movie that will be in theaters March 2nd 2012. This popular book and now movie is the perfect theme for a birthday party and I am going to share lots of fun ideas to help in the planning.

I know I am very excited for this movie as well – I love everything Dr. Seuss and The Lorax is such a great story with a really great moral that teaches kids to care about their environment. That is another reason this makes a great party theme. I love parties that can also be educational and this is one of them. So come along as I share some fun ideas and some great finds to help you plan your Lorax Birthday Party…

First lets start off with the invitations – I was able to find a nice variety of Lorax Party Invitations

on Ebay. The ones you see to the right are sold by Eventwrapper. They include ticket style invitations, VIP Pass Invitations and Standard Invitations. All of which can be personalized with your party information.

In addition to the invites – Eventwrapper also carries matching Candy Bar Wrappers, Water Bottle Labels and Thank You Notes – gotta love that !!

When it comes to Lorax Party Supplies – at this time there is nothing official on the market – You can find plenty of Dr. Seuss Party Supplies

out there if you want to go that route. But there are plenty of other  ways you can pull off this theme using solid colored party supplies, which will also save you money in the end.

To set the scene I would go with a combo of Orange and Pale Yellow Party Supplies to bring in the colors of The Lorax. I would then hang Paper Pom Poms from the ceiling in fun colors to give the feel of Truffula Trees. You can purchase them or if you are creative make some from colored tissue paper. You can also have lots of flowers and plants in the party area as well to bring in color and tie in the story. You can even hang a couple of The Lorax Movie Posters

up if you want as well. Check out this fun FREE Lorax 3D Paper Toy you can print and build to have on your party table (gotta love FREE). Oh  and if you are feeling ambitious you may want to see this tutorial to create some large Truffulla Trees using pool noodles, paper mache and feathers.

Check out this easy idea I came up with to help in your Lorax Party Decorations.  Make some Lorax Balloons using my FREE Printable Lorax Balloon Template. Simply print out the template on heavy card stock and cut out. Get some Orange Balloons and tape the cut outs to the balloon – How EASY is that?

Lorax Party Game Ideas:

Recycled Bowling – Gather 10 empty 2 Liter Soda Bottles – clean them of course. Then print out my FREE Printable Lorax Bowling Pin Wrapper and wrap each bottle. Then find a ball you have in the house and set up a fun game of recycled bowling !!

Humming Fish Fishing – Let the kids go fishing for Humming Fish. Cut out some Fish Shapes using orange poster board or a heavy card stock paper. Then attach a paper clip to each of them. Take a wood dowel of stick and tie a piece of string to it with a small magnet on the end.  You can stick the fish in the bottom of a small kiddie pool (no water of course) or cut a large piece of blue construction paper in a water shape and place them on top. Let the kids take turns trying to pick up one of the fish. You can also put numbers on the back of the fish to coordinate with prizes if you wanted to give some out.

Recycled Milk Jug Catch – Save a bunch of Gallon Milk Jugs with the handles (clean them well). Cut off the bottom of the jug to make it like a scoop.  You can then crumble some recycled newspaper into balls and the kids can play catch tossing the balls and catching them in the Milk Jugs. The kids can even decorate them using permanent markers as well.

Barbaloot Fruit Hunt – The Barbaloots love to eat fruit from the Truffula Trees – so why not send the kids on a hunt as they pretend to be Barbaloots and find some fruit. You can use real fruit for this or plastic fruit or even printed pictures of fruit. Hide the fruit in your yard in and around the trees (you can do it inside if the weather does not permit).  Just like and Easter Egg Hunt on go let the kids go find all the fruit that is hidden. If using real fruit you can let them wash and eat it  or send it home as part of their favors. To make this even more fun – prior to the party buy some plastic headbands and attache some bear ears using brown construction paper.

Swomee Swan Freeze Dance & Sing – Turn on some music, preferably The Lorax Soundtrack

, and have the kids run around flapping their wings and singing. Then when they least expect it shut the music off. When the music goes off they must freeze in place. Anyone caught moving is out. Continue until you have one Swomee Swan left !!

Once-ler Tag – Play a game of tag and the child who is it is the Once-Ler. To add some extra fun have a piece of material taped on them that you can call a “Thneed” and the first person who can grab the Thneed from the Once-Ler now gets to be it !!

Pass the Truffula Seed – Now this will be played like Hot Potato, but with a seed (Truffula Seed). You can use a peach pit or something that resembles a seed – just keep it small – that is what will make it more fun. Turn on the music and have the kids pass it around. Whomever is holding the seed when the music is off is out. Keep playing until you one child left and they will be named The Lorax because they will be holding the Truffula Seed in the end.

The Barbarloot Marshmallow Scramble – Take a few bags of Mini Marshmallows and toss them and spread them around in your yard.  On go all the kid have to run and gather as many as they can with no extra help of a bucket or bag. Have a timer set form a minute. They can carry them in their hands, shirt etc…  Who ever has the most after a minutes wins !!!

You can really come up with a lot of fun game ideas with The Lorax Theme – hopefully some of mine inspired you to come up with some of your own as well. Once I see the movie I am hoping ad to the list. There is so much you can do and incorporate recycling etc…

Lorax Party Activity Ideas:

There are also so many fun activity ideas you can do for this party theme as well and a lot or them can also double as you party favors. I am going to share with you some of my favorites.

Speak for the Trees Truffula Tree Craft

The Lorax Party Mask

Truffula Tree Pencil Craft

The Lorax Planter Pot Craft

Roll a Dice Lorax Game Craft

Truffula Tree Craft

Lorax Tree Art

Unless Rock Craft

Do you love all these creative ideas or what? I think they are great !! Have some fun and even get the kids to paint clay planter pots and plant their own seeds and grow their own trees and flowers.  They can even paint little wood signs to stick in the pot to say “I speak for the Trees”.

Create some Lorax Mustaches like I did for the kids using my FREE Printable Lorax Mustache Template. Just print them out on heavy card stock, cut and attach a stick with tape to the back. Have all the kids hold up their staches for a fun photo op !!

Lorax Cupcake & Treat Ideas:

Check out some of these fun and easy Lorax Cupcake and Treat Ideas for the party. Also have fun when it comes to all your food and try to keep the color Orange prominent, since that is the color of The Lorax. You can find lots of yummy food in the color orange and you can also have some fun with Orange Food Coloring to help with the items that are not.

Another fun treat the kids would love – Chocolate covered Sunflower Seeds

and guess what? You can buy them in Orange !! Colored Cotton Candy would be fun too and it would mimic the Truffula Trees.

Truffula Tree Cupcakes made using Pretzel Sticks and Campfire Fruit Swirler Marshmallows – Genuis !!

Barbaloot Snacks using Chocolate Teddy Grahams and Mini Marshmallows – Love it !!

Trufulla Tree Snacks created with colored melted marshmallows and pretzel sticks

Orange Julius that the kids will LOVE

I could not forget to share these amazing Lorax Cake Pops from the talented Bakerella. The best part is that she has complete step by step directions so you can create them too and YES you can do it !!

If you want something quick and easy then you can print out my FREE Printable Lorax Cupcake Toppers to use on top of your baked and frosted cupcakes.  Just print them out on heavy card stock, cut out and tape a toothpick or craft stick to the back and place into your cupcake. There are 12 different designs and you can print as many as you like !!! I did say FREE right?

Lorax Party Favor Ideas:

Have some fun with your Lorax Party Favors – there are so many cool things you can send home. I love sending the kids home with useable party favors so I will give you some of my favorite ideas.  The bag you see to the left is a Lorax Recycled Tote Bag – right now they have been in and out of stock, but if you can snag some they are perfect to add some goodies too.

If you cannot get your hands on one of those then create a bag using an Orange Lunch Bag or Tote Bag and tape or glue on The Lorax’s Face to the front by cutting it out from an image. You can even use my FREE Printable Lorax Balloon Template and just reduce the image to the size you need.

Some great ideas to add in the bag: Flower Seeds, A Tree Seedling, Gardening Tools, Flower Pot with Soil and Seeds, The Lorax Doodle Book

, any of The Lorax Books, Lorax Stickers & Certificates, a bag filled with Barbaloot Snacks (see above), Chocolate covered Sunflower Seeds, Orange Drink etc…

You get the idea – have fun with it. The kids will be very excited if they got to go home and grow their own flowers or trees and it will help the environment. And there is nothing wrong with sticking in a book with a snack to go along with it as well.

For some Unique Lorax Party Favors make sure to check out Ebay

– I have seen lots of cool finds there as well.

Also take advantage of all the FREE Lorax Printables at the Official Lorax Website. – print them out and stick them in the bag to go home wit the kids too.

I hope I was able to give you some ideas and inspiration to help with your Lorax Party Planning.  I cannot wait to see The Lorax Movie myself – I am a big fan of all things Dr. Seuss and I know this is gonna be a good one. Come on Danny DeVito as The Lorax – that is already funny.

Please feel free to share your ideas for this party theme or if you use any of mine I would love to hear about it !!

For even more Lorax goodies check out my page below – just click on the photo:


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    Another fun idea is to grow a pet TickleMe Plant that MoVes and closes its leaves when Tickled. The TickleMe Plant is the most animated plant in the world and is easy and so much fun to grow in the TickleMe Plant Greenhouse. If you love the lorax you will love growing a pet TickleMe Plant! Check this out!

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