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Luau Tropical Crafts for your Summer Party

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When planning a party having a craft activity is always fun for the kids. The other great part of having a craft activity is that it can also double as your party favor to save you money. When thinking of what craft you want to do always think about the age group – keeping in mind attention span. If the kids are very young choose crafts that are simple and make sure you have plenty of helpers to guide them thorough it.  With the older kids you can have things a bit more involved.

Always be prepared – If you choose a craft with paints – make sure to have lots of newspapers, extra table covers, paper towels, disposable aprons and allow enough time for your craft to dry.

Make sure to read the instructions of the craft before the party or have a sample you or your child made prior to the party so you know how it gets done. Believe me this is a big help.

And my biggest rule – always have extras on hand just in case something gets messed up to avoid someone being upset.

So I have featured some fun craft ideas that would be great for any Summertime Birthday Party Theme.  My favorite store to shop for these kits is  S&S Worldwide. I find they have a large selection of great quality craft ideas and kits and they are very affordable.

Here are some of my favorite Luau Tropical Crafts:

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