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Lucky Charms Costumes – They’re Magically Delicious

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Have you seen these Lucky Charms Costumes

? These would not only be perfect for Halloween, but would be lots of fun to wear on St. Patrick’s Day too.  Dress up as the Lucky Charms Leprechaun or a Box of Lucky Charms Cereal – Now that is Magically Delicious !!

I think these Lucky Charms Costumes are great and I love how the Lucky Charms Leprechaun Costume has the wire you can hold with all the Lucky Charms on it. This costume is available in both Child and Adult sizes and Includes a green blazer jacket, green scarf, blue mock shirt, black pants, green top hat with green band detail and four leaf clover sprig accent, green shoe covers with gold material buckle and rounded wire with the various charms on it.

“They’re always after me Lucky Charms!”

The Lucky Charms Cereal Box Costume is a lot of fun too because your head pokes out of the box to look like you are the Lucky Charms Leprechaun.  It says this one is Adult Size, but I think a child can wear it too. It includes a Lucky Charms cereal box frame, connectors and tubes you’ll need for simple assembly. Then just stick your head through the hole, accessorize at will, and you’re all set!

So if you are looking for a Leprechaun Costume for Halloween or St. Patrick’s Day – I say Lucky Charms is the way to go !!! Personally I love Lucky Charms myself and eat it all the time – just sayin’.

Do you know that Lucky Charms Cereal has been around since 1964 and it is still going strong – now that is just amazing to think how many years I have been eating it. Lets just say a long time without giving away my age.

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