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Lumi Loons Blinking LED Balloons

July 27, 2010 by  
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A Party just is not a Party without some Balloons , but what if your Balloons could Blink and Light Up? It can now be done and what an amazing effect it has. The Lumi Loons are a unique choice and come in all colors and fun theme choices as well. The special LED Blinky Light that attaches to the Balloons also has many settings on it so you can control colors and speeds – kinda light Christmas lights.

There are so many choices with these from Colors and Themes – They have Halloween ones too – which are great to light up your Halloween Party, White ones which are great for Weddings etc…

These Lumi Loons LED Balloons are available at Windy City Novelties and I think they are a fun choice to bring your Birthday Party or any Party to a whole new level.

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