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Make a Personalized Beach Towel Party Craft/Favor

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This is a very cool idea for your next Summer Birthday Party. Not only is it a Party Craft, but it also becomes your Party Favor.It is Budget Friendly and the kids love to do this.

Here is What you will Need:

  • Solid White Beach Towels for each Child or any light colored Solid Towel
  • Simple Spray Fabric Paint (see Below)
  • Contact Paper or Vinyl Letters and Shapes
  • Scissors
  • Paper Towels
  • Newspaper

Now what you do is cut out the letters for your towel  – you can make sayings or you can make the letters in the Child’s Name. If you are using pre-cut Letters and Shapes just stick them on. If the kids are younger you can do this ahead of time and have them all cut out and placed on the towels ready for spraying.

I would recommend this being done outside on the lawn. Once ready for spraying lay out newspaper and place towel on the top. Let the kids spray with the Fabric Spray Paint using different colors of choice to get the look they want. When done allow the towel to dry – make take up to 30 minutes or so. When complete dab up the excess paint from the contact paper letters and peel them off. There you have it – a wonderful craft and a great party favor for the kids to take home and use again and again.

You can find step by step photos of this craft at by clicking HERE

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