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Mardi Gras Party Masks

So you are having a Mardi Gras Party – well no Mardi Gras Party would be complete without some fun masks for you and your guests. I would like to share with you some Unique Masks and Ideas for the party that will be just perfect. Of course you can get your plain old basic masks, but what fun is that – I say the more feathers and bling the better.

In the photo in the uppper left are some fun Mardi Gras Feathered Masks that I think are very cool and feature both the feathers and some bling. Of course you are always free to add additional glitter and rhinestones where needed. They are also available in an assortment and offered on or off the stick.

How about your Feathered Chicken Mask? Even though this one reminds me a bit of Big Bird it is a very popular choice for Mardi Gras. You will definitely stand out at the party wearing this one and you know you would have to play the Chicken Dance song if you chose to have these at the party.

Gold Venetian Half Mask with Flowers

Now this Gold Venetian Half Mask with Flowers is a Unique and Sophisticated Choice. I like this one as well with the silk flowers and some glitter to add some sparkle – very nice. Click on the mask to order if you really like this one too.

Now let me share with you some of my other favorite Mardi Gras Masks and they are the Butterfly Masks. Click on any of the Photos to Order.

Some great masks for the younger children I think are these Foam Animal Masks

and there are so many styles to chose from. You can find Farm Animals, Jungle Animals, Cats and Dogs etc… They are also very inexpensive and the kids will love them.

You can always let the kids have a little fun and create their own Mardi Gras Mask and let them express themselves.  Depending on their age there are a couple ways to go about it. IF they are very young I would suggest getting Paper Masks

for them to color with crayons and markers. There are plenty of Craft Kits available with either designs on them already or just solid and plain for a free styles design.  You can also use Paper Plates cut in half or heavy Card Stock Paper you cut into a mask with Cut Outs for the Eyes. Then get some elastic and make your head band and you will be all set.

For older kids you can get a little more fancy in letting them be creative.  Just start off with a Plain Mask and let them glue on Feathers, Rhinestones, Glitter, Beads and anything else they want to add. The crazier the better. I would also recommend using a Hot Glue Gun so it is important either an adult do that or they are old enough and careful not to burn them selves. Do not forget to have that Camera Handy to let them all show off their designs for a fun Photo Shoot!!!

Also available in my party store are these great Mardi Gras Mask Party Supplies that I think would be great for the party.  Not only do I love all the colors, but I love the fact that if you are doing a Mardi Gras Mask Craft it really ties it all in and makes for a complete theme. There are lots of other paper goods to match as well.  Also in the store you will find everything for your party from Beads, Party Hats, Paper Goods, New Orleans Street Signs, Banners and so much more – so come see all the fun – Mardi Gras Style!!!

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