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Marshmallow Scramble Birthday Party Game

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20080310marshmallowHere is a fun Birthday Party Game. It is a Marshmallow Scramble.Great fun for all ages to play.

Here is what you need:

A few Bags of Large Marshmallows and Colored Markers

Here is what you need to do:

Decide how many teams you can break your party guests into. Then for the amount of teams divide up the marshmallows and put a colored dot on the bottom to represent each team. Maybe like 30 Marshmallows per team – the more the better.

Each team will be told what color they are. Then mix up all the Marshmallows in a big pile. Have the teams at the same distance away from the pile. On go set a timer for lets say 2 minutes and all the guests have to run and find their teams colored Marshmallows. They can be carried in any fashion and be brought back to the starting line with colored dot side up. Now here is the fun part each team is allowed to toss their opposing teams Marshmallows away to make them harder to get.

When the time is up you tally up each teams Marshmallow and they would get 1 point for everyone they gathered that belonged to them. If they got one of an opposing team then they loss a point.

Winners Prize: Maybe a Bag of Marshmallows

This is a Fun BUDGET FRIENDLY game you can play more than once and fun for both the young kids and old kids. I used this game at a sweet 16 party and they had a GREAT time.

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