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Megamind Birthday Party Theme

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There is no doubt in my mind that once the kids see the new Megamind Movie that they will be asking to have a Megamind Birthday Party Theme and I am going to give you some ideas on how to pull it together right here. Isn’t that nice of me? I think so – lol

Not only does the Megamind Movie open in theaters on my birthday November 5th, but this look like one that I will definitely go see. Who does not love a movie full of Super Heroes and Super Villains? In addition to that the cast is awesome with Will Ferrel, Tina Fey Jonah Hill, Brad Cross and Brad Pitt.  So not only will the kids enjoy it, but us parents will as well.

As they say It is a Superhero Movie with a Mind of its own !!!

Now let me start off by saying at this time there are no official Megamind Party Supplies on the market so for now we can play off of the colors and get a bit creative. I am sure they will have some coming soon and when they do I will update this post, but for now I am going to give you some ideas and FREE Printables you can use to pull it off and sometimes I think that is more fun anyway.

So lets start from the top with some great Megamind Party Invitations to get the party started.  A perfect choice are these Megamind Ticket Style Party Invitations being that the party is based on a movie.  They are even great if you are taking the kids to see the movie as part of the party festivities. These Megamind Ticket Style Party Invitations can be personalized with all your Party Information and you also have the option of printing them at home for those last minute party planners – I love that !!!

Now for your party supplies you can go with some Solid Colors until they release some Megamind Party Supplies. Of course Blue would be a perfect choice being Megamind is Blue.  You can purchase these in any store really or you can purchase the party pack of Blue Party Suppliesas seen in the photo to your left.

Yellow is another main color in the Megamind Posters and Merchandising of this movie so add in some Yellow touches as well.

Now here is some fun for your Magamind Party Decorations and they are all FREE. Yes I said FREE – Do you love that?  On the Official Megamind Website they have tons of FREE Printables (Under Games) such as 3D Paper Cut Outs of all the Characters and other fun items like the Invisible Car, Robot, Brainbot & Boombox from the Movie. Just Print them out and Assemble and you have some great FREE Decor for the party. Or you can print enough for all the kids and have them assemble them as an activity to take home as a Party Favor.

In addition to those you will also find FREE Printable Megamind Masks of Megamind, Minion & Tighten, but what I thought would be fun to do with those is to tape the Megamind ones onto Blue Balloons to hang around the party area. The Balloon shape is almost the same shape of his head and I think that would look very cool. Of course you can print out extras for the kids to wear as well.

Also another thing I love is using Posters to hang up in the party area and you will find lots of Megamind Posters available to do this. What I love about using posters is that when the party is over your child can then take them down and hang them up in their room. So it becomes a double purpose purchase – so more bang for your buck.

So with the FREE Megamind Printables, Megamind Balloons, Megamind Posters and some solid colored party supplies you have set the scene for this party and it did not break the bank. Does it get any better than that? Yes it does let me tell you how to have some fun with the kids with some great Megamind Party Games & Activities.

Now I must say I love love love the Official Megamind Website because they have everything us parents need for FREE to help with our Megamind Party and I think that is fantastic. Did I mention FREE yet? Ok well you do have to pay for the paper and Ink, but so what – this is a MAJOR savings.

So let me start with the FREE Printable Megamind Villain Kit they have on their site.  This contains Fun Code of Conduct Cards, a How to make a Megahero Cape which you can do for all the party guests, Decoder Watch and Activities to use it with, Instructions on How to make Mega Slime (Kids love that) and  Invisible Ink (Fun) and Printable Posters. How cool is that? See why I love this site, but there is even more…

How about being able to print out all of your Megamind Party Games? They have a Megamind Board Game, Megamind Memory Game, Megamind War Card Game and these cool Megamind Thumb Puppets you can print so the kids can have a game of Thumb War Megamind Style.

I must say whom ever put all of these items on their website is a genius with a Megamind (lol). I am thinking this has to be one of the cheapest Party Themes to have ever with all the FREE Printables and that is not even all of them either.

Here is a list of the other FREE Megamind Printables Available – Now some fun things you can do with these is of course print them for use at the party or even print them and add them to the kids Favor Bags to take home and enjoy later.

  • Megamind Bookmarks
  • Find The Brainbots Activity Sheet
  • 4 Megamind Brainteasers
  • Megamind Coloring pages
  • 5 Different Cootie catcher Crafts (Love These !!!)
  • Mega Power Book
  • Megamind Cryptogram Activity Sheets
  • Find the Difference
  • Megamind Connect the Dots
  • Door Hangers
  • Megamind Tic Tac Toe Games
  • Megamind Stationary
  • Peek a Boo cards

Can you believe that list? It blows my mind – they thought of everything.

Now that you have all your games and activities done lets talk about your Megamind Birthday Cake.  You will find Megamind Cake Toppers and also Megamind Edible Cake Images slowly making there way into the market. These make it easy to top any Frosted Cake and then you can add some touches of Icing to finish them off.

BUT I am a Cupcake Fan at Birthday Parties myself and creating some Megamind Cupcakes is Super Easy and everyone likes Easy. You will find some Megamind Cupcake Rings available to top off your Frosted Cupcakes or you can Download and Print my FREE Megamind Cupcake Toppers I created for a different look – I made 12 different designs (Pictured is only 3). Just Print them out on Heavy Cardstock paper, Cut and Tape them to a Craft Stick or Toothpick and place into a Cupcake. Of course a Blue Colored Cupcake with Blue Frosting would be perfect.

So now lets talk about your Megamind Party Favors. For me I like to give out Favors that are useful and not bags of candy and junk. One of my favorite things to send home with the kids is a book when possible.  It is a party favor you can feel good about. So lucky for you there are lots of Megamind Books available and a lot of them are less than $5.00 each. Then pair the book up with some of the FREE Megamind Printables I spoke about above (Printable Megamind Bookmarks are a great choice to add in) and maybe some Fresh Baked Cookies and a Drink. Now the kids have a good Book to read and a complete snack to enjoy while doing so. Not only is it Budget Friendly, but it is educational too. I love that !!!

So as I said above if they come out with the Megamind Party Supplies I will update this post, but I think you can get away without them if you have to just fine. Thanks to the Megamind Website for providing so many great Freebies too – Boy that helps. I think you will have one great party that will not break the bank at all with this one. If you are planning a Megamind Party and want to share your ideas feel free to let me know so I can share them with others who would love to hear about it.


14 Responses to “Megamind Birthday Party Theme”
  1. anna says:

    we cant find the free printables on the wesite i have clicked on every thing!!! please respond ASAP!!! Out party is november 6!!!! thank you!

  2. They are located under the section that says Games

  3. Jennifer says:

    Awesome site. We are going November 23rd. I’ve already printed the mask as party favors but now can make the cupcakes myself and save more money! I had no idea there was so much out there to print. Thank you!

  4. Nettie says:

    Hope you have a LOT of ink to print the things from the Megamind website! You will need a TON…

  5. Tina says:

    Where can I get those invitations? I have looked EVERYWHERE. Please help the party is in two weeks

  6. Check on EBay or Etsy – they may not be available now, BUT you can ask one of the sellers who make that type to create them for you.

  7. Cassie W. says:

    Oh my gosh, you are a life saver! Love this, needed this! And I like your printable cupcake toppers better than the ones on the website! Thanks!!!

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