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Microphone Cupcakes – Sing and Eat

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I saw a photo of Microphone Cupcakes a while back and while watching American Idol Season 9 I thought to myself I had to create some. They would be so perfect for an American Idol Birthday Party or any Music Themed Party. They are very easy to make and look really adorable when all done. There are many ways you can decorate them by using different Colors and Candies, but I am going to show how I did mine and walk you through it Step by Step to share just how EASY and SIMPLE they are to make.  My kids loved them and my daughter sang a little with it before eating hers which you can see at the bottom of this post – it was very funny.

So here is what I used to make my Microphone Cupcakes:

  • Colored Sugar Cones or you can use the Plain Ones
  • Baked Cupcakes – Mine were Chocolate – we like Chocolate
  • White Frosting
  • Black Sugar Sprinkles
  • Wilton’s Black Icing Coloring (I’ll Explain that below)
  • Licorice (For the Cord) – You can use any color or flavor
  • M&M’s – My added Surprise in the Cone
  • Music Playing while creating – just for added inspiration (optional) lol

So get your Ice Cream Cones Ready and your Cooled Baked Cupcakes

Now you can make your Microphone Frosting any color you want it to be – Pink, Blue, Purple etc… I made mine a Gray Color because my son said that I should make them look more like the real thing.  So I followed what he said and that is what I did. So I used Wilton’s Black Icing Color and added a little to the White Frosting to get a Gray Colored Frosting.

Next I added some M&M’s to the bottom of each Ice Cream Cone – I thought it would be fun to have an added surprise for the kids instead of just cone at the bottom. It also helps to give them weight so when they are on a plate they do not fall over from being Cupcake Top heavy. It is OK at this point to eat some of the M&M’s – u deserve it. Then you need to take some of your Frosting and add some to the top inside of the Ice Cream Cone – This will act as your glue to hold the Cupcake in.

Now remove your cupcake from the wrapper. Then stick it into the top of your Ice Cream Cone – the Frosting you put in should hold it nicely in place – Gotta love Frosting Glue !! Now go ahead and Frost your Cupcake on the Ice Cream Cone.

Time to add your Sprinkles.  Again you can use any color you want, but I used Black Sugar Sprinkles because that is what my son wanted me to do (made it look more like the real thing). You can even use Jimmies as well.  So really anything goes. Make sure to add them while your Frosting is still tacky – do it right after your frost and before it dries or it will not stick. I sprinkled mine on, but you can roll it in them too.

I used Black Licorice to represent my Microphone wire. It happened to be perfect – it was kinda flat like wire – not sure what kind it is, but I had some on hand. You can use any for this – String Licorice in either Black or Red will work just fine. Most kids would prefer the Red over Black, but my husband eats it so it was OK for ours. I then took a Toothpick and carefully made a hole at the bottom of the Ice Cream Cones where the Licorice would stick in. Make sure not to make it too big or it will just fall out. If you need to you can add some Frosting Glue in there to hold it in. I did not have to do that with mine.

And there you have it – Microphone Cupcakes ready to Eat.  Time to call in the kids……..

Give a kid a Microphone Cupcake and this is what happens – Some Singing in the Cupcake before eating. My daughter is a Big Ham and could not wait to get her hands on one. My son did it too, but if I put his picture up he would kill me – Boys!!.

Oh and one more thing – there is something about that Wilton Icing Coloring that will turn the kids mouths the color you used – so I had to share this funny picture and it got worse as she ate more. No need to worry it comes off, but it is very funny to see their mouth, lips and teeth turn colors. Funny thing is – it is like a BONUS for the kids, they seem to really like when that happens – go figure.

So now you see how Easy these are to make. I really think these are perfect for any Music Themed Party. You can even make them if you are having an American Idol Party where you have all the kids come over to watch the show. How fun would that be?


22 Responses to “Microphone Cupcakes – Sing and Eat”
  1. AM says:

    Rock On!!

  2. Mary Frantz says:

    any suggestions on how to transport these cupcake cones??

  3. I have never transported them, but maybe a box with holes cut inside that would maybe hold ornaments

  4. cd says:

    Love your microphone cupcakes!
    I can’t wait to make them for the Fine Arts Festival they will be a sure hit!
    Thanks for the idea

  5. That is great !! Woot !! Send me pics when ur are done – would love to see them, Enjoy.

  6. jamie says:

    Im stealin this idea for my four year olds upcoming justin bieber themed birthday! This is the cutesst idea ever! Great great idea!(: im so not wanting her to have a jb birthday bash..I’ve tried and tried to come up with something else but everytime she says ummm nope..JUSTIN BIEBER mom! Oh but neways im excited for these cupcakes! Thank u!!!

  7. Girls are head strong and cannot get over their Justin Bieber Trance – lol. Have fun with the Cupcakes they are so Easy and Fun !!!

  8. Amy says:

    I am so going to make these for my daughters upcoming 10th birthday! She is having a JB themed party, so these will go along great with it! Thanks for the great idea!

  9. The kids LOVE them and Super Easy to do !!

  10. Jenn1978 says:

    These are perfect for my daughter’s Pop/Rock Star 12th birthday party. I will be making a batch of these for all the girls. We will also be having karaoke, party games, and we will be playing soccer in the backyard since so many girls in attendance are soccer players including my daughter. We will also have cupcakes with pink frosting in silver foil cups and with music themed sprinkles such as musical notes sprinkled on top.
    I can’t believe some of these comments saying that their 4 year old daughter is having a Justin Bieber party! Yikes!
    I thought 4-year-old girls thought boys had cooties. LOL. I can’t imagine children that young being boy crazy. A 4 year old was just recently a toddler, after all.
    Maybe these parents should help their kids take up sports like softball, karate (which a lot of girls take nowadays), soccer, or even dance (except for ballet which is horrible for the feet and creates arthritis and all sorts of foot problems later in life). Sports, martial arts, and dance will raise their self-esteem and confidence and they will be less likely to obsess over celebrities and teen idols like Bieber which is supposed to be for teenaged girls anyways not small children.
    Gosh, times are changing and not for the better.

  11. not_a_bieber_fan says:

    love the microphones they are so easy to make and delicious too

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