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Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Favors

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Minnie Mouse party favorAre you planning a Minnie Mouse Birthday Party? If you are then I have the perfect party favor for you. They are Chocolate Covered Rice Krispy Treats in the shape of Minnie Mouse. Don’t worry you can always add in Mickey Mouse as well.  Each treat is HUGE at 4-5 ounces each and come individually wrapped and on a stick. They are made fresh to order and kids absolutely love them. They are the perfect ending to a great party.  All you need to do is tie on some pretty ribbon with a Thank You note saying something like “Thank You for coming to my party is was SWEET of you” and you are all set.

Mickey Mouse Party Favors

You can see how I did it at my own daughter’s party here: Penguin Party Favors.  She obviously had a Penguin Theme Party and I gave out the Penguins. You can also if you like add a juice box with the treats so the kids have a complete snack to enjoy after the party. I am telling you that the kids eyes light up when they see these – not only are they adorable, but they are truly very large and delicious.

Minnie Mouse Tumbler

Another cute addition to the Rice Krispy Treats is the Minnie Mouse Tumbler which is a reusable cup with Mouse Ears the kids can use over and over again and it will hold 12 ounces.  I really love the Take Home Cups because it is a really nice keepsake they can enjoy for years. They are also available in Mickey Mouse.

If you want to go above and beyond you can fill the cup up with some fun Minnie Mouse Favors like Tattoos, Stickers,  Mini Activity Books, Stamps, Candies Etc… There are lots of great small toys featuring Minnie Mouse so I do not think you could ever be at a loss with her.

Minnie mouse birthday party Invitation

I also want to share with you some fun Personalized Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Invitations I have found on Ebay and one of my favorites which is pictured to the right. This invitation is from seller tls218 and I think they are adorable. Each one is handmade and measures 6″ Tall x 5 3/4″ Wide and they come with envelopes. Now how cute are they? Of course you can find a lot of other fun designs that are all customizable on Ebay and that you can print from home right away so be sure to look there for some great options.

Minnie Mouse Standup
For some more fun at the party you can have a Minnie Mouse Cardboard Stand Up for the kids to take their photo with and when the party is over your child can have a fun room decoration. I am a big fan of these and so are the kids. You can take a photo of each child with Minnie Mouse and use this photo as your Thank You note. You can also use the Jumbo Minnie Mouse Airwalker Balloonfor this too. An Airwalker Balloon is a Balloon that is weighted so is stays to the ground and will float around the room as if it is walking. The Stand up is 3’6″ and the Airwalker Balloon stands at 54″. Both are fun party options.

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