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How to Make M&M Turkey Favors

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I always like to have a little something for the kids on Thanksgiving and I found this idea for M&M Turkey Favors and decided to give it a try. Not only are these adorable for the Thanksgiving Table, but they are a great treat to send to School or a Fun Fall Craft to do with the kids.

I have seen these created a few different ways, but I decided to put my own spin on them and I think they came out really cute.You can make these in a Pinch if you need a last minute idea for Turkey Day for the kids. Another great thing is that they are Budget Friendly with the supplies being so Minimal.

So as always I am going to show Step by Step how you can create these Treats, they are super easy and who does not love M&M’s?

Here is What I used to create my M&M Turkeys:

  • M&Ms of course – I used a Fall Color Mix of regular and added in a small amount of Peanut M&Ms in too.
  • Brown Netting
  • Pipe Cleaners – Fall Colors – Brown, Orange, Red & Yellow
  • Goggle Eyes
  • Glue Dots
  • Small Rubber Bands
  • Scissors

Here are all my supplies ready to go.  See how minimal it is? Simple and Easy.

The first step is creating your Turkey Head. For this you will need a Brown, Orange & Red Pipe Cleaner. I love playing with Pipe Cleaners they are so easy to work with and if you make a mistake you just bend it back. So starting with the Brown – Cut it in 1/2.  Roll the top edge down a bit for the head. Then take your Orange and feed through the head and bend and cut off excess. Fold up and form your Beak. Then taking the red do the same above the beak, but leave a piece sticking down for the Snood and Cut. That is it.

Then take your Brown Pipe Cleaner Body and fold up on more time so it is double and give it a twist. Now take your Glue Dots and add on your Google Eyes. Set aside. Next it is time to create Turkey Feet. Take a Yellow Pipe Cleaner and start by folding up some Toes – make 3 of them. You can some of the excess Leg off the top so you have maybe 3 inches left. Set aside.

Now cut some 12″ x 12″ Squares from your Netting. Measure out about 1/2 Cup of your M&Ms for the middle. Place in and close with your Rubber Band.

Assemble Time !!! Cut off the excess Netting leaving enough to resemble your Turkey Tail Feathers. Then just stick your Turkey Body into the netting on the front. No Glue Needed – it will stay there. Then stick in your Turkey Feet the same way and you are done !!! How Simple is that?

Here are my M&M Turkeys ready for Thanksgiving for the kids to have and GOBBLE Up !!!


44 Responses to “How to Make M&M Turkey Favors”
  1. staci says:

    such a cute idea!!

  2. Linette says:

    These are super cute!

  3. Christine @ Following Phubie says:

    OMG! I love these! Thanks for the great tutorial.

  4. Auggie says:

    What a great idea!! I think I might need to make these with my daughter! 🙂

  5. Julie says:

    Wow! SO cute! I am running out right now to get everything to make these! Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  6. MegaCrafty says:

    These are super cute! I love the idea.

  7. Thanks so much – So EASY to make too

  8. Thanks for the great idea! I’ll do this in my Messy Class this week 🙂

  9. Awww You are welcome – Have fun – the kids love them.

  10. Connie Ward says:

    Where did you get the netting from?

  11. I got the netting in the Fabric area of a craft/ fabric store – they sell it just like fabric and can cut a piece to size

  12. belle says:

    Fabulous! Will definitely by making these. Thanks for the tutorial.

  13. Shelly says:

    These are so fun!! I hope I get my act together to create some. 🙂

  14. You Can Do It !!!! Go Go Go

  15. You are very welcome – Thanks for stopping by

  16. I’ve been scouring the web for something that would be fun for kids as the ‘art mom’ and I think this is what I’ve been looking for. Thanks!

  17. I am so glad y0ou found me – follow me on FB and sign up for my Newsletter to receive all my goodies !!!

  18. These are adorable. I’m re-creating them right now. Although I’ll be filling mine with my home made peanut butter chocolates. Great Thanksgiving favor.

  19. Uh YUMMY !!!! Share a picture with me if you will – you can post on my FB Page or email me – would love to see how they turn out. I want a cookie !!! lol

  20. Lindsay says:

    What a fun idea! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂
    I featured this on my blog today, feel free to stop by & grab a featured button!

  21. Anna M. says:

    Love these, especially the googly eyes. Oh and the mm’s are perfect too.

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