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How to make Monkey Cookies

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It seems a Monkey Party Theme is very popular these days. I recently asked my followers on my Facebook Page what Party Themes they were planning and Monkey came up more than once. So I thought I would try my hand at making some fun Monkey Cookies that would not only be a fun treat at the party, but can also be a great Party Favor to send the party guests home with.

This was my very first time creating these Monkey Cookies and I think they turned out Absolutely Adorable – so I am going to show you how you can make them Step by Step.  They do take a little time to make, but it was very easy to do. I had fun giving the Monkeys different expressions and I even added Bows to some – my Daughter liked that.

So enough Monkeying around lets get down to business!!!

Here is what I used to create my Monkey Cookies:

  • Sugar Cookie Dough – I used the Refrigerated Pillsbury Cookie Dough
  • Tub of Chocolate Frosting
  • Tub of Vanilla or White Frosting
  • Chocolate Chips for Eyes
  • Black Icing – I used the Cake Mate Icing with Tip
  • Cookie Cutters – Large Circle & Small Circle (I did not have those, but I will show you what I came up with)
  • Rolling Pin
  • Extra Icing Colors if you will be making Bows

First I must start this off by talking about my new Cookie Sheets. Being I am doing a lot of baking it was time I got myself some new Cookie Sheets. So I bit the bullet and purchased some Anolon Cookie Sheets

. They may cost a bit more than the average, but I wanted something good that would last awhile. As the saying goes – you get what you pay for. Let me just say that they are the BEST Cookie Sheets I have used and were worth every penny spent. My Cookies just slid off when they were done and the SureGrip Handles were another very cool feature. So if you are looking for some great Cookie Sheets – I highly recommend these. They also have a large line of Bakeware – So I have already started my Wish List.

So here are my Monkey Cookie Supplies:  Pillsbury Sugar Cookies, Vanilla & Chocolate Frosting, Chocolate Chips, Cake Mate Black Icing and the Tip and I also had some other Cake Mate Colored Icing I used for the Bows Below.

Ok now this is funny. When I decided on making these Monkey Cookies I had my idea in my head. I needed a Large Circle Cookie Cutter and it turned out that among all my Million Cookie Cutters I did not have any that were just Circles. So looking around my Craft Room I came across my Ball Jar canning covers and it was perfect for the Monkey Face. Now I needed a smaller Circle to use for the ears. So I thought about it and then I ended up taking the Cap from the Milk Gallon in the Fridge and used that. Pretty good idea huh? Hey it worked and when I was done I cleaned of off and put it back. So if you do not have any Circles – Improvise like I did.

Now Roll out your Cookie Dough on a floured surface and then cut out your large Circles and place onto your Cookie Sheet.  Remember you will be adding ears on and they grow so you want to be sure you have plenty of room in between them. I did 4 on a sheet.

Now using my Milk Cap I cut out my Ears. You will need one small circle for each Monkey Cookie. Then Cut those Small Circles in Half.

Now take your small cookie halves and place one on each side of Monkey Head in the middle. Then Carefully press it down to make sure they are attached well. Now they are ready to be baked.

So I had some extra dough and thought it would be cute to make some Bows to add onto to some of the Cookies for my daughter. So all I did was to cut out two Triangles for each Bow and make a small Dough Ball for the middles. I placed the Triangles onto the Cookie Sheet so they were almost touching and then took the Dough Ball and Pressed it down in the middle to attach it all together and off into the oven they went.

Here they are out of the Oven. Once out let sit on Cookie Sheets for a couple of minutes then move to your Cookie Racks to Cool before the decorating begins. Did I mention how easily they came off my Anolon Cookie Sheets?

Once cooled you can start to create your Monkeys. First you want to frost all your Cookies with Chocolate Frosting. Be sure to save some of the Chocolate Frosting – you will need some later. Once you have done that you will want the frosting to harden a bit before going further. So let them sit out or stick in the refrigerator to set.

While you are waiting for the Monkeys to set you can Frost and Decorate your Bows. I just took some Cake Mate colored Icing and had fun with it. You can do anything you want. Have party colors you are matching – then use those. Once done set aside for later.

Now take your Vanilla or White Frosting and add in some of the Chocolate Frosting to create a Tan Color for the Monkeys Face and Ears. Go ahead and have a taste it is Yummy and you may need a good sugar rush to continue on.

Now lets build our Monkey Faces.  With a Spoon or Knife add a Big Blog of Frosting onto the Bottom of the Cookie. Then with either the back of a Spoon or Knife spread out as shown in the photo. Then add on some Ears. Then take two Chocolate Chips and stick in your eyes. So far so simple right? Continue until all your Monkeys are done.

Once the above step is done you can move onto adding the final touch – the Outlining. Out of all the steps this is the one that takes the most time. With your Black Icing outline the cookies as I have done and add on your Nose and Mouths. I made some have funny faces and I even added some with their tongues sticking out. Once that is done you can add on your Bows. All I did was take some of the left over frosting and make a small blob on the back of the Bow and stuck it on where I thought it looked good.

There you have it Fun Monkey Cookies. Tell me the kids would not love these at your Monkey Party? Once dry and set you can even add them in plastic Baggies tie with Curling Ribbon, attach a Thank You Note and you have a great Monkey Party Favor the kids can take home. While you are at it add in a Juice Box for a complete snack. Simple, Perfect and BUDGET FRIENDLY.

And here is my very own Little Monkey enjoying her Big Monkey Cookie – with a Bow of course!!!

I hope you like this idea and if you would like to share photos of your Monkey Creations with my readers – just Contact Me.


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  2. Lisa says:

    Thank u! Super cute cookies! Can’t wait to bake!

  3. Thanks – Have fun and send me some photos of your finished cookies – woudl love to see them.

  4. jami says:

    iam so gonna use this for my youngest daughters 2nd birthday party! i thank you for the idea way to cute! i also love how ya took a pic of every step again thank you!

  5. I am so happy you like them – I love them too and would love to see pics of your Monkey Cookies too

  6. and that’s the way the monkey crumbles… lets go bananas over cookie

  7. lynda says:

    Thank you so much for sharing how to make the cookies. I am planning to make some for my nephew. Thanks!

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