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Monster Birthday Party Theme

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Kids really do love Monsters and having a Monster Birthday Party is not just for Halloween – it is fun any time of the year.  I am thinking this one is more desired by Boys than Girls, but would be great for either one.  I was inspired to put this post together by some of the really cool Monster Party Supplies I have come across lately.

So here I am going to share with your some Fun Monster Party Supplies, Game Ideas, Activities, Cake & Cupcake Ideas and Party Favors to help you plan a Monster Party that the kids will love. No need to worry I will not scare you at all, but I may give you lots of great ideas to think about.

So my main inspiration for this theme came from these fun Whimsical Monster Party Supplies – I just love the Goofy Cartoon Monsters, bright Colors and how they all look like they are having a great party and love Birthday Cake. There is nothing scary about these guys – they definitely look like they are having a good time.

These Monster Party Supplies can be purchased in a Kit or you can buy only the pieces you need and mix in some solid color if you would like.

For your matching Monster Party Invitations you have a couple of choices which I think are great. You can choose the Personalized Monster Invites or your Traditional type where you write in all the information for your party.  Both match the Paper Goods and feature the Goofy Monsters and each has matching Thank You Notes to go along with them. I think either choice is great and just a matter of preference. I don’t know about you, but I am really in love with these Party Supplies.

Another thing I love about these Monster Party Supplies is that there are so many great coordinating decorations to choose from.  You can get Monster Party Banners, Monster Decals to stick on the wall, Matching Monster Mylar Balloons and a Monster Centerpiece which is actually each of the Goofy Monsters on stands to place on top of your table any way you like.

In addition to all of that there are also matching Monster Party Hats and even Monster Masks.  Perfect for all the little Monsters who will be at the party. Are you in love yet? These are all just so cute and fun.

So now that we have all the Monster Party Supplies and Decorations covered lets talk about some Fun Monster Games and Activities you can do at your party.

Eyeball Races – This is played just like a Egg Spoon Race, but instead of Eggs they will be Eyeballs in the Spoons.  You can create Eyeballs a number of ways – Take a Ping Pong Ball and draw some funny eyes on them using permanent markers making sure they are bloodshot for fun, you can also do the same thing on some left over plastic Easter Eggs or you can purchase some already made Eyeball Balls to use (These are the kind that move around in the ball as you move – very cool and you can send home as part of the party favor). Then just use some Plastic spoons to place the eggs on. Break your party guests into teams and on go one player from each team must get to a set point and back without dropping their eyeball. If they drop the eyeball they must either go back and start over or put it back into the spoon and continue – play until all teammates have had a turn and which ever team finishes first wins!!!

Touchy Feely Boxes –  This is always fun for the kids to do and it is pretty easy to set up as well. You just need a bunch of boxes set up with holes cut to fit the party guests hands so they can not see it only touch. Have bowls inside the boxes to represent yucky things they have to touch. You can even label them like Eyeballs, Brains, Guts etc… Examples: EyeBalls – Peeled Grapes, Fingers – Baby Carrots or Little Smokie Sausages, Teeth – Feed Corn, Skin – Cabbage leaves with some oil on them, Hair – Corn Husk Silk, Magots – Over cooked rice with some oil or Cooked Orzo Pasta, Bat Wings – Pig Ears for Dogs, Brains – Jelly or Jello, Blood & Guts – Canned Peeled Tomatoes, Rat Tails – Licorice Strings Cut, Worms or Veins – Cold Cooked Spaghetti, Spiders – Pipe Cleaners, Vomit – Pudding with Corn, Peas and other food particles added in, Scabs – Dried Banana Chips, Warts – Raisins, Dried Up Tongues – Dried Apricots

Monster Mash – Play this game just like you would Freeze Dance, but instead you will be playing The Monster Mash. First make sure you have The Monster Mash Song available to play while you have the kids doing their very best Monster Dances. Start up the music and have the kids dance around like Monsters, then stop the music when they least expect it and they must freeze in place. If someone moves while the music is off they are out. Keep playing until you have a winner.

Here ares some other Monster Games I found on Amazon that are also great ideas for the party:

A perfect activity for the kids to do at the party is to Stuff their very own Monsters. Available on my website are Stuff a Monster Kits which are 15″ Stuffable Plush Monsters the kids get to stuff in the comfort of your home by hand. Each Plush Monster Kit comes with 15″ Plush Monster, Stuffing, Wishing Star Insert, Custom Monster Birth Certificate and Directions.  All the Plush Monster choices are fun and goofy and match the party supplies perfectly. The best part is that this party activity will also double as your party favor which is definitely a money saver.

You can also add in a T-Shirt the kids can decorate for their new Plush Monsters using Fabric Markers. And again his is also party of the party favor the kids get to take home from the party and the kids really enjoy doing this.

Oriental Trading carries this great  Monster Pinata that I think also works great with these Party Supplies – it is Fun Goofy and who can resist that great big grin on the front.  Fill it up with some fun Candies, Balls, Monster Tattoos & Stickers – have fun with it and try to find things that are unusual to stick in and make it an extra surprise for the kids.

Now let talk about your Monster Birthday Cake and I have the best  idea that I just think it so cool and so will all the guests. See the cake to your right? Well you can create that so easily using the Monster Mouths Designer Prints which are edible cake wraps. All you do is bake the cake and wrap these around it and it conforms to your cake. All the directions are included and it is really so easy to do. Is that fun or what?

Of course you can easily make some fun Monster Cupcakes too and the best part is that there is no right or wrong when doing it. Just have fun using different candies to make some fun Goofy looking Monsters or turn it into a party activity where you have all the candy on the table and let the kids create their own Monster Cupcakes.

You can finish the party off with the matching Monster Party Favors which include a Primary Colored Canvas Tote the kids can use again, Monster Stickers, Matching Monster Party Coloring Book, Crayons, Noise Putty and a Solid colored Punching Balloon.  All of these items can be purchased separately if you want to make up your own Favor Bags.

So there you have it lots of fun Monster Party Ideas – now that was not so scary was it? Below you will find some other Monster Party Supplies I have found that you may also like.


12 Responses to “Monster Birthday Party Theme”
  1. am says:

    Monsta cupcake scary funny yummy!!!

  2. Louise says:

    What a great theme, im sure children everywhere will love it! Thanks for the activities, they sound like a lot of fun for them, as many of them are hands on, and involve them actively with one another!

  3. I especially like the eyeball race activity and the “stuff a monster” is really unique too! I’ve seen these monster party supplies before and they’re adorable for little kids, but I haven’t seen the stuff a monster before. Cute!

  4. Thanks for stopping by – Have you seen all the Stuffable Plush available on my Website? The Party Animal

  5. Nlopez says:

    We just decided to do this theme for my son’s 5th birthday….and we’re even going to try to do a little dress up because he says he wants to be a werewolf :)…. LOVE the game ideas and hopefully these supplies will be available because I’d love the invitations as well!! Great Help!

  6. l. west says:

    Just wanted to note that my daughter is turning 6 this month, and I too was inspired by some brightly colored monster decor for her party. She is COMPLETELY girly, (in a tutu nearly everyday!), but loves the theme! We are inviting guests to dress-up as a silly, scary, or favorite monster outfits, and my daughter LOVED the idea of costumes!

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