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Monster High Birthday Party Theme

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Is your daughter asking to have a Monster High Birthday Party and you do not know where to start? Not to worry I am going to give you lots of ideas on how to throw a Monster High Birthday Party for your little Ghoul right here from start to finish.

Kids seem to love Monster High and it is getting quite popular. First you may want to familiarize yourself on what Monster High is all about.

To keep it brief, Monster High is a Cartoon series of Webisodes (videos that can be viewed online) that follow a group of Teenage Students who are the children of Legendary Monsters like Frankenstein, The Werewolf, Dracula, The Mummy etc…  Your kids may have also seen Monster High on Nickelodeon where they have had some special shows air.  And if your daughter is a fan then you have definitely seen all the Monster High Dolls and Merchandise from Mattel on the market.

Now being the show is about the Monster High Students attending School and Classes I would base the party around a school theme with some fun activities based on that. So with that said and my research on the show, which I think I may now know more about than my daughter at this point (lol), lets get this Monster High Party Started…..

Lets start with your Monster High Party Invitations

.  My favorite place to find great invites is on EBay. Currently there are quite a few designs to chose from and all of which are able to be personalized with your party information on them. You will also find Monster High Ticket Style Invitations available as well. It all depends on what you like and the best part is that some of the sellers give you the option of printing them from home which is great for you last minute party planners.

At this time there are no official Monster High Party Supplies, but I am sure that will change down the road and when it does you will find them right here. But in the meantime I have some ideas that would work to pull it off.  One idea is to go with the Pink Skull Party Supplies I think these are a great match and would definitely work for a Monster High Party. They also have the same supplies that you can personalize with a photo  – so you can use a Monster High Image and you have your own customized Monster High Party Supplies.

UPDATE: Official Licensed Monster High Party Supplies are now available – Woooo Hoooo !!!

Another option is to go with Solid Colored Party Supplies mixing Turquoise and Hot Pink and accenting with Black. You can even find some Material at you local Fabric Store in an Argyle Pattern to create a matching Tablecloth for the table. Then just add some touches like this Mylar Skull with Pink Bow Balloon

to a bouquet of Solid Latex Balloons in matching colors.

I also found these 12″ Latex Monster High Balloons

which feature a Monster High image on both sides. They are sold in sets of 6 – so you get 2 Pink, 2 Blue and 2 Black Balloons.

When decorating your party area have some fun with it – This is Monster High so dig into your Halloween Decorations and bring some back out to set the scene. Always use what you have on hand to save money when you can – that is the best way.

Now check this out – On the Official Monster High Website they offer FREE Monster High Printables that you can use as well. I love FREE. Some of the things you will find is the Printable Monster High Note Book (pictured to the left) which also has pages of fun activities that go with it. You can print these up and have them on the plates on the table for each of the party guests – add in a pen and let them have fun doing the activities and filling in all the fun info. These also become a Party Favor they can take home – Double Bonus!!! In addition to that you can also print Monster High Student ID cards and Monster High Bookmarks – all for FREE.

Then have some fun with your Party Food or should I say Creepateria Food and serve things like Furry Nuggets (Chicken Nuggets), Macaroni & Fleas (Mac & Cheese), Clamburgers (Hamburgers), Frankfurters (Hot Dogs), Sushi (Lagoona Blue loves it), Grapes (Cleo De Niles Fav), Fruits & Veggies (Draculaura is a Vegan), Cream of  Newt (Clam Chowder), Red Punch (Blood) etc….

Ok so now that we have set the scene for the party lets talk about a Fun Craft Activity you can have the party guests do. I found these adorable Mini Lockers that would be an adorable Craft and also double as your Party Favor. These Mini School Lockers are metal, 4-1/4″ wide x 4-1/2″ deep x 10-3/4″ high,  interior features 6 hangers, 2 removable shelves, and a picture frame on the back of the door. Each locker comes with a padlock and two keys. How cute is that? Then the party guests can decorate them using Colored Permanent Markers and Stickers. They are perfect for storing Jewelry and little Trinkets the girls want to lock away. They are also available in lots of colors too: Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, White, Yellow, Blue/Glitter and Purple/Glitter.

Now for some fun with Monster High Party Game & Activity Ideas. I have put together some ideas based off of the Monster High Classes and have included some printables that I have created and also some from the official website.

Fear Squad – Who has what it takes to make the Fear Squad? To play off of this you can do it like “Simon Says”, but instead of Simon chose someone to be Cleo De Nile who is the Fear Squad Captain. Have a pair of Pom Poms for them – you can even have Pom Poms for all the party guests if you like too. Then have Cleo do some Cheer moves saying “Cleo Says” and you know how it goes – when someone moves when Cleo does not say – they are OUT.

Dawn of the Dance Off – For this you will need the Monster High Fright Song (Theme Song to the show), which is available for Download HERE. Play this as you would Freeze Dance, but instead the party guests have to do their best Monster Moves and when the music goes off them must Freeze, but if they move they are out of the dance. Keep playing until you have a winner.

Mr. Hackington’s Mad Science Class – Let the party guests take this Mad Science Class and have them create some fun Slime you can color Pink or Blue just by adding in some Food Coloring. Pack it up and let them take it home as party of their Party Favor. You can find the recipe for the slime and other Science Ideas on my Science Party Post.

Ms. Kindergrubbers Home Ick Class – Mr. Hackington has a favorite Family Recipe that the party guests can create in Home Ick and it is his Puddin n’ Worms. It is super EASY and Frighteningly Delicious. His recipe is printable and you can even print out enough of them and stick them in the guests favor bags so they can make them again at home.

Mr. Where Drama Class – Looks like Mr. Where has held auditions for the School Play. Let the party guests have some fun with Mr. Wheres Funny Story about the Day. Print out this Mr. Where’s Word Game and give one to each party guest. Then break them into teams. One at a time they can ask each other to fill in the blanks without reading the story. Then each of them can read their story to everyone when they are done. It will be funny to hear all the different versions they come up with by adding in their own words. Oh the Drama !!!

Froggie Dash – Help rescue the Frogs that have escaped from Mr. Hackington’s Mad Science Class again. For this you will need a bunch of these Toy FrogsPrior to the party break them up evenly into 2 piles. Mark each frog with a permanent marker on the bottom – One pile have the Number 1 on the Bottom and the other Number 2 on the bottom. Then Mix them all up. In the area where you will be playing have 2 Baskets for each team – this will be where they will return the Frogs too.  Break your Party Guests into two teams. Take all your marked Frogs and Toss them around the playing area. On go the teams must run and find a Frog with their team number on it and return it to their basket. Each team member can only return one frog at a time. If they pick up one with the other teams Frog they can toss it to make it harder for the other team to get. Which ever team gets all their frogs back in the basket first wins.

Pass the Note – The Monster High Students like to pass notes in class, but have to be careful not to get caught. Take a piece of folded Paper and add a special Note inside for the winner. Then playing the game like you would Hot Potato, put on the Monster High Fright Song and play Pass the Note.  If the music goes off and they are holding the Note – well then they are caught and have to leave Class. The winner is the one holding the note at the end of the game and they can open it and read it to the others.

Monster High terrifying Trivia Quiz – Time for the party guests to test their knowledge of Monster High with this Quiz. I created a Monster High Trivia page that has 20 questions about the show. Print one out for each party guest and not to worry I have an answer sheet for you too – lol.  Give everyone a pencil or pen and then set a timer for maybe 3-5 minutes and when time is up that is it. Then it is grading time – Who will be the one with the best grade? Download and Print Here: Monster High Terrifying Trivia Quiz.

Now lets talk about your Monster High Birthday Cake. There are so many ways you can go with this cake that are pretty easy. One would be using an Edible Monster High Cake Image. This is just an image that gets placed on the top of your Frosted Cake, like the one pictured to the right.

You can also have some fun and create a cake in the shape of a Coffin. You can simply cut a sheet cake into the shape or use on of these Coffin Cake Pans

. Then just decorate it up in Monster High Colors.

Have some fun with your decorations – add on Candy Eyeballs, Bones, Plastic Fangs etc… It is a Monster High Cake so anything Ghoulish goes.

But since I am a Cupcake Fan at parties I have created some FREE Printable Monster High Cupcake Toppers for you to use – there are 12 different designs. Cupcakes are so much easier and less hassle when it comes to cake time,  they are my personal preference.  All you need to do is Bake and Frost your Cupcakes, Print out the Cupcake Toppers on Heavy Cardstock or Photo Paper and Cut Out, Tape a Toothpick or Craft Stick to the back and stick into your cupcakes. How easy is that? Simple & Easy and you can have fun with your Cupcake Decor using fun Edible Glitter, Sprinkles and again Ghoulishly Fun Candies. You can also use the Wilton Haunted Manor Cupcake Wrappers

like shown in the photo. They add that special spooky touch !!

Now lets talk about Monster High Party Favor Ideas.  Check out this cool Pink and Black Argyle Favor Purse
that is perfect for packing up some favors. This is actually the favors box that matches the Pink Skull Party Supplies above. Each one is 6” wide x 4” high x 3” deep – so you can fit lots of goodies in there.

So what do you put in there? I like usable Party Favors so maybe a Jar of Monster High Pretty Scary Nail Polish

, Lip Gloss and various Make Up. You can also add in some of the Monster High Rubber Bracelets or a Monster High Bottlecap Necklace (these are found on EBay and Handmade) for each of the party guests. Also keep in mind that Claire’s now has a line of Monster High products in their store – so I am sure you can find lots of Ghoulish things there as well.

You can also bake up some Cookies in  the shape of a Skull and Coffin as a fun edible treat and you can find Cookie Cutters in those shapes to help. I love edible party favors !!!

Another thing I love to send home with the kids is Books and if you did not know it before there is a Monster High Book

. This is a perfect book for young readers and a Party Favor you can feel good about sending the kids home with. Add in a fun Bookmark and you have a great Favor.

You can really have a lot of fun with the Monster High Party Favors – Just think Halloween and Monsters, Skulls and Pink Bows. If you want to be really creepy – add in some Candy Blood

& Plastic Fangs to the favors – ewwww, but the kids would love it.

And why not stick in some of these FREE Monster High Coloring Pages they can take home as well. – Gotta love FREE.

A Monster High Party can be so much fun and there are so many things you can do to make it Killer (lol). Just have fun use your imagination and I hope some of my ideas have inspired you to get the party started!!!

If you have Monster High Party Ideas you would like to share with my readers or you have created a Monster High Birthday Cake or Cupcakes – Contact Me and let me know.

For Monster High Dolls, Toys and Merchandise check out my page dedicated just to them – Click on the Banner Below.


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  1. Lecia says:

    I have been looking for a website like this for a long time!! My daughter is in love with Monster High and now has 8 dolls and counting. She is going to have a monster high birthday party this summer now thanks to you!!

  2. I am so happy you found me and I bet you will have the best party ever !!!

  3. Crystal says:

    Thank you so much this was an awesome find, my daughter is having a Monster High Party this weekend and we got a ton of ideas form your site 🙂

  4. Amber says:

    Thank you so much! My daughter fell in love with the Monster High dolls, and since, has asked me to have a Zombie themed party (Frankie Stein reminds her of zombies *shrugs*) And I am supposed to make the cake as well, and just couldn’t figure out how to do it. I’m going with the coffin idea, or possibly the edible image of Frankie Stein for this. Considering there isn’t much I can do (age appropriate for a 6 year old) that is Zombie oriented, I figured a Monster High theme focused on Frankie Stein would work great!

  5. You are so welcome – Zombies – so cute !!!

  6. Shelly says:

    Thank you for allowing us to use this website. We have completely planned my daughter’s 9th birthday party with ideas you provided. She is very excited and now we are ready to party! Could not have done it with out your help.

  7. You are very welcome and Thank You for taking the time to comment, when I get comments like these it really makes me know how much I love what I do. To know I have helped another parent out tells me I have done my job. Have a Great Party !!!

  8. I am so glad I helped !!! Have a Great Party and thanks for taking the time to comment – made my day.

  9. Roxanna says:

    Thank you so much, have been searching everywhere for Monster High party plans, this has saved me soo much time. I also found this list of Monster High codes that will open the other 20 pages of book activities. I made a book for each guest as part of the party favors.
    here are the codes for the locker for monster high!! frankie stein:MHFSARM cleo de nile:MHCDEGYPT clawdeen wolf:MHCWHOWL deuce gorgon:MHDGSNAKE lagoona blue:MHLBOCEAN ghoulia yelps:MHGYZOMBIE draculaura: MHDLMIRROR and there is all the codes to monster high on decorating your locker!!!! Yes the above codes unlock the stickers for your locker I am going to give you the codes for making the ragdoll bookmarks Draculaura code: B2F6 Clawdeen Wolf: C3K7 Frankie Stein: A1E5 Lagoona Blue: D4I8 The Breakdown: you can mix and match all of the above numbers and letters to create your own personal Monster High character and print it as a bookmark below is a list of what is what! HAIR A : Black and White hair (Frankie Stien’s hair) B: Black and Pink (Draculaura’s Hair) C: Brown (Clawdeen Wolf’s Hair) D: Blonde ( Lagoona Blue’s Hair) EYES 1: Frankie Stien’s Eyes 2: Draculaura’s Eyes 3: Clawdeen Wolf’s Eyes 4: Lagoona Blue’s Eyes BODY E: Frankie Stien’s Body and Outfit F: Draculaura’s Body and Outfit I: Lagoona Blue’s Body and Outfit K: Clawdeen Wolf’s Body and Outfit MOUTH 5: Frankie Stein’s Mouth (just smile) 6: Draculaura’s Mouth (smile with fangs) 7: Clawdeen Wolf’s Mouth (downturned Smile with fangs) 8: Lagoona Blue’s Mouth (just smile) ENJOY MAKING YOUR RAGDOLL BOOKMARK REMEMBER CODES NEED TO BE PUT IN THERE:)
    1R9G 2R9G 3R9G 4R9G 5R9G 6R9G 7R9G 8R9G 9R9G
    1T3B 2T3B 3T3B 4T3B 5T3B 6T3B 7T3B 8T3B 9T3B

  10. Awesome share – Thanks ;0)

  11. Ne-Ne says:

    Hello ”PartyAnimal ”, This has helped me alot in a few day it is gonna be my b-day and i REALLY love Monster High it’s real cool for girls. O and If you have contest,free prizes,crafts or anything please would you like to contact me on my email . Thx.

  12. Jennifer says:

    Awesome website! thanks for all the additional help.. epsecially the exrtra codes. my Monster High Daughter (whom I’ve renamed to Ghoulia cuz she’s my FAVORITE doll! LOL) will be extatic!

  13. Savannah says:

    I’ve been searching for a party theme and now I’ve found it! Ill be turning 12 on Dec. 17 and so I have pleanty of time to get decorations! I absalutly LOVE Monster High and thanks to you, I can share my love of Monster High with my friends this year!! Thank you soooo much!!!!

  14. Kristin says:

    Here’s the link for the new Sweet 1600 party printables…my daughter LOVED these and I’m sure I’ll be using most of them for her party next month. Don’t have any keys yet for the app, but hopefully soon…good luck with your parties everyone!

  15. Thank you for sharing added to the post ;0)

  16. Kristin says:

    Okay Codes for Sweet 1600:
    Draculaura – W9189
    Frankie – W9190
    Clawdeen – W9191
    Clawd – W9192

  17. Thank You so much – I am going to post this on my Sweet 1600 Post – lets hope I do not get in trouble – yikes. Did u print any out?

  18. Rita41 says:

    I loved the ideas that you shared and your site was very informative. When I was asked to plan a Monster High party I was not familiar with them at all. I researched the web and your information proved to be the most beneficial We just completed our first Monster High theme party and it was a blast. I created T-shirts for the boys and girls and completed their costume with colorful wigs and mohawks, various pettiskirt designs, argyle socks and net gloves. We started with monster school registration and then the kids adhered to their school schedules for the following classes: Fierce Fashion 101, Mr. Mummy’s Dragonometry(Stuff a Dragon w/geometric shapes), Mister Hackingtons Mad Science 101 (create snow and bouncing balls), Ms. Kindergrubber’s Home Ick (Mudd & Worms recipe) the kids loved smashing their chocolate Oreos with rubber mallets,Mr. Where’s Drama class the kids gave live performances and lastly the drive in Creepeteria where they filled their treat bags to take home in their Pink or Flame designed (Holt Hyde) Thunderbird favor boxes.. I wanted to share the photos:
    Thank you again and I hope this is helpful for anyone else who may plan a Monster High theme

  19. awesome share – thanks ;o)

  20. April says:

    Thank you so much, what a wonderful site. My party planning is complete with your help! My 8 year old will be thrilled with this ghoulish party!

  21. sandra says:

    My 7 year fell in love with monster high as soon as she heard about it.I want to thow her a party. You really helped me with that.

  22. Ineke says:

    I just through the best MH party, thanks to your blog. You have made me look amazingly organised! Getting MH supplies in Australia is hard and I only found one supplier in the whole country 🙁 Aussie’s need to realise the phenomenon and stock up.
    Thanks again, my 10 year old had her best day ever.

  23. awww you are so welcome – that made my day – thank you !!

  24. vicki says:

    Thanks so much!! Awesome ideas!!

  25. gina says:

    Thank you so much for the great info. My daughters love monster high and I had no idea what it was. They have requested a monster high birthday party this year and your website is going to be great help.

  26. Julie says:

    OMG! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I have been struggling to come up with games for my DD’s upcoming MH party! I had thought of decorations and prizes but not games. I have made my own bottle cap hair bows, bottle cap necklaces and am thinking bottle cap bookmarks as well for the party. I also decided to sell them on my facebook page Luv Bugz for any Aussies out there looking for MH stuff because I know it’s hard getting MH stuff here!

  27. Delila says:

    Thank you so much for all these wonderful ideas!! They really helped! I also wanted to let you ladies know that they have a whole Monster High themed party set at Party City. Thank again 🙂

  28. Saleena says:

    I am so glad I found your site. I was so stressed about throwing a MH party until the day I discovered your site. Thanks for all the great ideas! Love your website!! A party idea my daughter came up with is “Pin the tail on Toralei”. I photocopied a pic of her and used orange ribbon for the tails.

  29. Stevie says:

    Does anyone know where I can purchase Monster High episodes on DVD? Thanks!

  30. brandi says:

    my daughter is having a monster high party tomorrow and i wish i had found this site a long time ago! but i did get some extra ideas and for that i am very thankful 🙂
    have a great day, brandi

  31. Wendy says:

    Hi! I’m trying to figure out how to get the “free printables” on the Monster High website. I want to print out the coffin for the composition books. But, I can’t figure out how to get there on the website!? Can you please help me? Thank you!

  32. leah says:

    This website is so helpful ! Thank you for all the great ideas and for taking your time to share them with us. I’m planning my daughters 6th birthday and of course she wants Monster High. I will definitely be using lots of your ideas. I’m just as excited to plan the party as I am to see her enjoy it.

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