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Monster High Create a Monster Doll Sets are going to fly off the shelves

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Monster High Fans are going to love these new Create a Monster Doll Sets that allow you to create your very own Monster High Dolls.  These are going to be HOT Sellers for sure !!

I and so excited for these and my daughter is going to FREAK out. These are brand new and I am going to tell you what I know about them so far.

Here is the Official Description:

The Monster High™ Create A Monster Doll sets provide all the body parts and fashions needed to create unique scary cool ghouls. Each kit includes a torso, two sets of limbs, two heads, one hairpiece, two fashions and a unique add-on like wings. The pieces can be assembled in more than 250 ways! Kids will enjoy creating their own monsters again and again.

How cool does that sound?

It seems there will be many sets available, but as of right now I have seen two of them ~ Werewolf and Dragon and also Vampire and Sea. They retail for about $24.99 each – not bad

I have also seen that there will be Create a Monster Doll Accessory Sets too. Above is a picture of some of the first ones that will be available. These will retail for about $11.99 each

Oh Mattel you have done it again is all I can say – these will be bringing in some big bucks don’t ya think? I know they will get my money beacuse these are going to be a must have for my daughter.

So where do you buy these Monster High Create a Monster Doll Sets? Here

You can also check out my Monster High Page here to keep updated on all the new Ghoulish additions:


4 Responses to “Monster High Create a Monster Doll Sets are going to fly off the shelves”
  1. MonsterHighFanatic says:

    I love the idea of these, however (and this is a completely personal issue), I cannot stand mixing and matching parts of different colors. Plus the fact that it only comes with enough to make one actual doll is a little off putting. I would love to make both the Dragon and the Sea Monster, but that would mean having a different colored body than the head and the appendages. That just bothers me. Other than that this entire idea is fantastic.

  2. Stacey says:

    I live in Anchorage and I was sure we would not see them until nearly April. Well, my daughter and I went to Walmart and they were there! In all there were 3 boxes of the Werewolf/Dragon and 2 of the Vampire/Sea Monster. Of the add-on packs there was a total of 6 – 3 skeleton, 2 of the three-eyed monster, and 1 bee. My daughter chose the Vampire/Sea Monster set and loves it! She mixed up the pieces to create her monster. The rest will have to wait until her birthday – in April! =)

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