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Monster High Dolls – Teenage Children of Legendary Monsters

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Are you familiar with Monster High? Are your kids asking for these Monster High Dolls and you have no idea what they are talking about? Not too worry you are not alone, but I am going to help you understand what they are all about.

I remember when I first saw the Monster High Dolls at the store, I thought they looked pretty cool and odd at the same time. At that time I was not at all familiar to what they were. My daughter asked for these Monster High Dolls this year for Christmas so I had to do my research to see what they are all about. I know from talking with other parents about them that I was not alone with the unknown.

So I am going to give you a brief description of what they are all about so you will not be left in the dark when your kids are asking for these.

Monster High is a series of Cartoon Webisodes (available for viewing online) following a group of Teenage Students (ages 15-16) who are the Daughters and Sons of Legendary Monsters we all know very well. Monsters like Frankenstein, The Mummy, Dracula, The Werewolf etc…  They attend of course Monster High where they go to lots of Ghoulish classes to help teach them some Freaky Fab stuff.  The shows are very funny to watch and I can definitely see a lot of Tweens relating to them quite easily. You have to think being a Tween is an awkward time and these Monster High Students are quite similar – lol.

Nickelodeon debuted Monster High on TV for a Halloween Special in October 2010 and your kids may have seen them for the first time then. I am not sure if Monster High will become a permanent show on Nickelodeon, but I have a feeling it may in the near future.

The Monster High Dolls are made by Mattel. In addition to the Dolls there is also Plush Toys, Bags, Accessories, Apparel and other various Toys and Electronics. There are multiple Series of Dolls released with more in the works.

Here is a list of the Monster High Dolls – Each doll also comes with their own Pet.

Draculaura – Daughter of Dracula. Pet Bat: Count Fabulous

Cleo De Nile – Daughter of the Mummy. Pet Cobra: Hissette

Frankie Stein – Daughter of Frankenstein. Pet Dog??: Watzit

Lagoona Blue – Daughter of the Sea Monster. Pet Piranha: Neptuna

Clawdeen Wolf – Daughter of the Werewolf. Pet Kitten: Crescent

Ghoulia Yelps – Daughter of the Zombies. Pet Owl: Sir Hoots a Lot

Duece Gordon – Son of Medusa. Pet Rat: Perseus

Holt Hyde – Son of Mr. Hyde. Pet Chameleon: Crossfade

Jackson Jekyll – Son of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Does not have a Pet, but does have a Ying Yang Volleyball and Tattoo (Not Pictured)

***Coming Soon***

Abbey Bominable – Daughter of Abominable Snowman

Spectra Vondergiest – Daughter of the Ghost

I created a page dedicated to Monster High Merchandise which features everything available at this current time for this Toy Line.

I consider it a One Stop Shop – Stop by and check it out.

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