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Monster High Sweet 1600 Dolls and Cupid Girl

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Monster High fans and parents are probably having a hard time keeping up with all the new MH Doll releases and it is understandable since they are coming fast. Get ready for Monster High Sweet 1600 and Cupid the latest line of MH Dolls to hit the market.

Yes it is overwhelming if you have a child who is very into Monster High – I know because I have one. Just when you think you knew everything out on the market they go and create more dolls that are even better than the last.  So if your head is spinning just know you are not alone. I will try and help keep you up to date best I can.

The Monster High Sweet 1600 Dolls are one of my favorites to date. I love the way they are all dressed up in their best outfits and they have good reason to be – they are celebrating Draculaura’s Sweet 1600.  My daughter is going to love the dresses that Draculara and Frankie Stein are wearing – she loves puffy dresses – lol.

So far the Monster High Sweet 1600 Doll Line consists of Draculara, Clawd Wolf, Clawdeen Wolf and Frankie Stein and each one includes an exclusive skeleton key invite, scary cool outfit, and a birthday present.

I have also spotted Cupid Girl who is said to also be part of the Sweet 1600 line as well. Cupid Girl from what I have read is the daughter of Cupid and I have a really good feeling she will be one of those hard to find dolls. So if you see her out there get her right away. I will update this post when I see her up for sale.

Of course Draculaura’s Sweet 1600 would not be complete without her very own car right? Take a look at the Roadster – is that cool or what?

I am sure there will be plenty more coming for this Monster High Sweet 1600 Line so Stay Tuned……

Oh and guess what else – you can print Monster High Sweet 1600 Party Supplies from their website HERE and you can open even more FREE Printables with the codes from the dolls !!

Update: Thanks to one of my readers here are the codes: Draculaura – W9189, Frankie – W9190, Clawdeen – W9191 and Clawd – W9192


4 Responses to “Monster High Sweet 1600 Dolls and Cupid Girl”
  1. megan wark says:

    I noticed the cupid doll is for sale on sites like Ebay. I have not seen her in stores anywhere yet. I thought after Christmas i would have a break from the MH madness, well at least until March 2012.. BUT NOpe! :-/ They set release dates and they seem to come out before then. If you find out where to find Cupid please email me. Thanks

  2. Lisa says:

    I just bought C.A. Cupid at our local Walmart! She’s super cute. I’m gonna give her as a Valentine gift.

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