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Monster Wall Ball plus 4 more Cool Action Games for the Boys

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Have you seen this new game out called Monster Wall Ball ? It is part of a new line of action games geared toward boys ages 8 and up by Torx from Wild Planet.

I am a big fan of cool toys and when I saw this I loved it. See my son and nephew are both 13 now and every time they get together they love taking bouncy balls and tossing them at the walls and catching them or aiming for each other (lol). When I saw this Monster Wall Ball Game

I knew it is something that I will definitely get for them this Christmas.

It is really hard to find games for the boys that have that cool factor and the ones I am going to share with you seem to have that. All of these games focus on aim, energy, strategy, and skill. Best part – it gets them up and away from their electronics – BONUS !!

Here is the Official Description for the Monster Wall Ball Game:

Monster Wall Ball by TORX is a creative game that lets you test your aim and coordination. The set comes with a bouncy, 3-inch ball, two moveable targets, a basket, and two basket hooks that let you quickly move your basket from one spot to another. Once your basket and targets are in place, try to sink the ball through the basket by bouncing it off both targets. Monster Wall Ball is great for kids eight and older.

I think that looks like fun and there are many different ways you can play. I think the boys will have a lot of fun with this !!

Check out the Whipslammer Game

which is a cross between dodgeball and tetherball. Whack the Whipslammer to send it flying-but watch out, because it will come whipping back at high speed. Use your agility to lean, duck, and dodge on the rebound, then whack again. Can be played Solo, but of course it is much more fun with a friend.

How about these Smash Stix

that let the kids safely battle their friends for baton-wielding accuracy. They’ll need strength, cunning, and reflexes to defeat their opponent. The Smash Stix feature foam-cushioned ends to soften the blows, so you can play your hardest. Each baton features a center target with an electronic scoring system that sounds when a hit is landed. Tell me the boys would not love these?

Loving these Ninja Darts

too !! They are Velcro-style disc-darts that fly through the air with an overhand, underhand, or sidearm flick of the wrist. The hexagonal dartboard hangs over your door with the included strap and can be swung back and forth for the more advanced ninja. They can play this Solo or of course they can challenge their friends too !!

There is no doubt that boys will not love this Turbo Freeze Tag Game

where they take turns tossing the colorful, six-sided ball into the air. If the color that lands facing upward matches the cuff you’re wearing, run and grab the ball and yell, “freeze!” Then, take aim and try to hit one of your friends to earn their cuff. The ball’s foam material is soft and safe, so you can play hard without getting hurt. The game is designed for two to six players.

I love all these New Games and may just have to get them all – it is so hard to buy for the boys. Again I also love how it gets them up and away from their computers and video games – even if it is just for a couple hours – I will take it !!

I also think these would all be great for Party Games – I think they get a thumbs up from me on the “Cool” factors and I bet the boys would think the same.

What do you think of them?

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