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Monsters, Inc Mike Wazowski Apple Snack Tutorial

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Monsters Inc Mike Apple SnackI have been seeing a lot of advertising for the new movie Monsters University which comes out this summer (2013) and is the squeal to one of my favorite movies Monsters, Inc. I know a Monsters University Party is gonna HOT and this Mike Wazowski Apple Snack I created will be a must have for the kids.

Being Monsters, Inc. is one of my all time favorite movies and now seeing all the press for Monsters University I have had monsters on the brain, especially Mike Wazowski (he is my fav and a total monster babe is u ask me). Well last night, yup just last night, while looking at the green apples in my fruit basket for some reason the reminded me of Mike. I know this is how a crazy mind of a party planner works – anything can become something for a party. So today I decided to turn my Green Apple into Mike using candies and supplies in my handy dandy baking cabinet.

Now here is the best part – this was so EASY to do as with anything I make and anyone can easily do this, trust me. Of course as I created Mike I took step by step photos as I did so to show you.

Here is what I used to create my Mike Apple Snack:

Now let me show you how EASY it is to put all together, don’t let the Monster scare you…

Monsters Inc Mike Apple Snack 1

First gather your Monster making supplies.

To make Mike’s big eye take a large marshmallow and slice it like shown in the photo.

Then using your edible food makers you are gonna color it in. Mike has a blue eye so make a Blue Ring and then fill in the middle black. You can add some thin black lines in the blue for effect like I did.

Then using your green edible food marker color in an eye lid at the top of the eye. So far so easy right?

monsters university partyMonsters Inc Mike Apple Snack 2

Next stick Mike’s eye on the apple – it will stick and stay on itself with the stickiness of the cut marshmallow.

Now take your black edible food marker and create Mike’s big mouth and color it in as shown.

Now it is time to create some teeth for that big mouth. Take your mini marshmallows and a pair of scissors and cut them in half. Look at all those sweet teeth?

Still easy right?

monsters university partyMonsters Inc Mike Apple Snack 3

Now take those sticky teeth and place them on his mouth, again they will stick themselves.

Now onto his arms and legs. Take a green sour patch straw and cut it in half. If you want you can slice some fingers at one end like I did in the photo. At the the end cut a piece off at an angle as shown so out can easily attach them to the apple and the leftover triangle pieces will become his ears later so save those.

For the legs just slice another green sour patch straw in half.

monsters university partyMonsters Inc Mike Apple Snack 4

To attache the arms just stick them on – those sour patch straws are super sticky. BUT if they fall off just use toothpicks – if you  do that be sure to tell the kids to remove them before eating!!

Now take those leftover triangles from the arms and just give them some black tips using the black edible food marker.

Then just stick them on the top of the apple and again they stick themselves due to the stickiness.

Then I just sat my Mike Apple on the legs.

That is it – that is all it takes to create a Mike Apple Treat, my Sista Peep hates when I say this, but I am gonna anyway – EASY PEASY!!

monsters university partyMonsters Inc Mike Apple Snack 5

How cute is he? Tell me the kids would not go crazy for these. Oh and they are mostly healthy too, BONUS.

If you make some I would love for you to send me a photo.

Stay Tuned for future posts featuring Monsters University Party Supplies and Ideas as we get closer to the movie release date.


8 Responses to “Monsters, Inc Mike Wazowski Apple Snack Tutorial”
  1. This is too cute! My boys just asked the other day why we have never made Mike out of a apple. My 2 year old is really into Monster Inc. right now! You did awesome and we love it!

  2. Amy says:

    Ha! I love this! It really turned out great! Good job!

  3. Awww Thank u so much

  4. I guess I beat you to it – lol. Thank u so much for the feedback – this is hands down one of my favorite creations – he is just too darn cute – lol.

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