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Morphsuits – One piece Skin Suits that are all the rage

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Morphsuits are quite the rage this year and if you have not seen them before prepare yourself. These one piece Skin Suits are colorful crazy fun and available in all sizes from kids to adults.

In my Halloween Costume web travels I stumbled across these Morphsuits and they caught my eye – I mean how could they not. I had never seen them before and was not quite sure what they were so I had to do a little research. So here is what I found out…

Morphsuits are One Piece 100% Lycra Bodysuits – they cover your entire body – Head, Hands and Feet.  But they have been made very thin so you can easily see through them and breathe easily. But get this – you can even drink while wearing them right through the suit !! Of course I am sure you will want to be careful not to miss your mouth and have a beverage running down the inside – lol.

Morphsuits come in a large variety of Color Choices, Patterns and some recent new designs I have seen such as the Tuxedo Morphsuit, Santa Morphsuit, Skeleton Morphsuit, Alien Morphsuit, Nnija Morphsuit, Snowman Morphsuit, Pumpkin Morphsuit  just to name a few. One of my personal favorites has to be the Tie Dye Morphsuit.

Morphsuits are available in all sizes from Small to Plus Size and I have seen Morphsuits also available for kids that can be found here at Party City.

I am not too sure I could ever pull off a Morphsuit, I just do not have the body type for one. BUT for those who could pull it off I think these are a lot of fun. I look at them as a blank canvas to design your own costumes by adding fun accessories like Sunglasses, Hats, Wigs, Belts etc…  The best part is no one will know who you are since you are completely covered – BONUS !!

I found a large variety of Morphsuit design choices here on EBay so if you are looking check there to see what is available.


2 Responses to “Morphsuits – One piece Skin Suits that are all the rage”
  1. William says:

    Morphsuits are awesome and I would love one but the site I ordered mine from is refusing to refund my money or give me an exchange after I accidentally bought the wrong size. What happened was I sent it back the day it arrived and now they are claiming it was worn and “soiled”. No one ever put that suit on and now I am having to fight tooth and nail just to get a refund. Don’t ever buy from Morphsuits.com, also known as AFG Media Ltd., they will try to screw you over at every twist and turn if there is something wrong with your suit. I suggest trying to find some place local that sells them, or one of the other possible sites out there. Just know that if you try to return something to this company they will not give you anything in return and you’ll be out however much you paid.

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