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Move over Wilton and make room for Duff Goldman

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Looks like Wilton is going to get some competition and us parents are going to get some more help with Baking and Decorating Cakes and Cupcakes.  If you are not familiar with the name Duff Goldman maybe it will ring a bell when I say The Ace of Cakes – you know the show on Food Network.  He is also the Owner of his own place, Charm City Cakes and well known for his amazing Cake Decorating Talent. He is not your average Baker and that is what makes him extra special.

I was so excited when I read that he came out with a Huge line of Cake Supplies because I am also a Big Fan of his work and I can always use all the help I can get when creating my own Cakes and Cupcakes. His adorable laugh is also a bit contagious too.

So what is available in this New Duff Product Line you ask? Well let me tell you.

  • Duff’ Cake Mixes (Chocolate, Yellow & White) – Bet they are Super Yummy !!!
  • Duff’ Cake Pans and Utensils
  • Duff Fondant – Pre-made in an assortment of colors, Fondant Cutters and Tools
  • Duff Icings in Colors and also Buttercream, Colored Sprinkles and Decorating Sets
  • Duff Icing Gels – in lots of cool colors
  • Duff Cake Wires – so you can make a fun 3D effect on the top of your cakes
  • Duff Cake Texture Tiles – These help with making a fun texture on your Cakes – so cool
  • Duff Graffiti – Which is Spray Paint for Cakes in  lots of fun Colors – Love this!!!
  • Duff Cake and Cupcake Tattoos – Which are Edible Wraps in lots of great Designs – My Personal Favorite!!!

Out of all of these Duff Products I really love the Cake Tattoos and Cupcake Tattoos – the Designs are fun and I am sure there will be many more coming soon. These are so easy to use and anyone can do it. You just simply Bake and Frost your Cake or Cupcakes and lay on the Tattoo which is completely edible. You can add some additional touches using Icing and decorations and you have a Sweet Treat that looks like a professional made it. You can even use the Cupcake Tattoos on Cookies – Yumm.

Take a Look at what Designs are Available so Far:

1.  Animal Skins ~ 2. Spring Stripes and Dots ~ 3. Floral ~ 4. Henna Art ~ 5. Skulls ~ 6. Happy Birthday Stars

So now that I gave you the Scoop I bet you want to know how you get these things right? Currently his new line is available in Michaels Craft Stores and if you go there – do not forget that 40% Off Coupon which is always a help. If you do not have a store near you you can visit Duff.com where you can order right online.

So why order your Birthday Cakes and Cupcakes when you can make then right at home yourself and take all the credit.

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