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The Muppets Party Supplies and Party Ideas

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The Muppets are back in the New Muppets Movie that hits theaters November 23rd so you may have kids asking to have a Muppets Movie Birthday Party.  So here I will share some Party Ideas and Muppets Party Supplies to help with the party planning.

Did you know that it has been 12 years since the Muppets have been on the Big Screen?  I know crazy right? I am very excited about this movie – I am a HUGE Animal Fan – he is a Party Animal like me ya know !!

I am also sad to say that I had the coolest Animal Puppet from my childhood that I sold years ago on EBay to make some money when times were tough. I regret that so much, but I guess at the time it was something I needed to do. I really miss that puppet. *sad face*

I think with this New Muppet Movie will come many new fans – heck so many young kids these days do not even know about all the Muppets besides Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy.  Of course with that comes the kids asking to have a Muppet Party. While there are no Official Muppets Party Supplies on the market at this time I will show you some options and things I have found that you can use to pull off this party theme, so let me get to it !!

Check out these Muppet Party Supplies I found !! These supplies are being sold by EBay Seller: Designs by Fun and they are the fantastic !! Best I have located and they have a large variety of items to choose from. – the photo is just a taste of what they offer. They have Muppets Movie Party Invitations – Ticket Style and VIP Passes, Water Bottle Labels, Cake Images, Cupcake Toppers, Candy Bar Wrappers, Goody Bag Labels and so much more. They will customize all of your items and you can chose any of the Muppets Images you want for your items.

Ebay is a great source to finding party supplies when there are none available elsewhere.

You can find some great items for this party theme a mix of new and vintage – take a look at some of the other items available here: Muppets Party Supplies.

All you do is pair these items up with some Solid Colored Party Suppliessuch as Green for Kermit, Pink for Miss Piggy, Red for Animal, Brown for Fozzie Bear, Blue for Gonzo and it will be perfect !! Or you can go with a Hollywood theme of course and there are plenty of those party supplies on the market.

One must have for this party is the Muppets Music, gotta have that. You can get the Muppets Movie Soundtrack or any of the other Muppets Cds out there and there are a lot of them !!

You can decorate the party area with some of the many Muppet Movie Posters or even some of the Vintage Muppets Posters such as the one pictured all the way to the left – “Party Animal” – which just so happens to be my favorite – lol !!

I was only able to find these Muppets Balloons available, one featuring a group of the Muppets and one of Kermit the Frog, but mixed in with some colored Latex Balloons they will work great. I am wondering why there is no Miss Piggy Balloons out there – very strange.

For your Muppets Birthday Cake there is this Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog Cake Decorating Kit which also features Animal on the drums as well.  You just simply place them on top of your Baked and frosted Cake. If you are all about the Cupcakes then these Kermit and Miss Piggy Cupcake Rings are really cute too.

You can also find a variety of Edible Muppets Birthday Cake Images and Muppets Cupcake Images in addition to other Cake Toppers here on EBay.

When it comes to your Muppets Party Favors here is a fun idea – I love these Star Peel and Place Hollywood Stars. I have used these at a past party of mine and the kids loved them. You can place them anywhere and the kids get to put their own names on them. There are also a series of Forever Collectibles Disney Muppets Logo Bandz Bracelets that are fun – currently there are 3 in the series. I am also a big fan of sending the kids home with books and there are plenty of Muppets Books on the market for all reading levels. Stick in some Fresh Baked Cookies and a Juice Box and they will love it and so will the parents for not getting a bag of crap (lol).

Now take a look at some of my favorite Crafty Ideas I have come across that would be great for the party as well:

Leave it to Bakerella to create some amazing Muppets Cake Pops and she shows you how on her website – Love !!

How about the Kermit Apple, Fozzie Bear Cupcake, 3D Paper Muppets Car and Kermit Cup Cozy – are they great or what? All of these can be found on Disney along with tons of other FREE Printables and Ideas you can make for the Muppet Theme.

And I adore these Kermit Cupcakes that you can make just by frosting your cupcakes green and adding Mentos or Marshmallows for eyes and just coloring in the pupils using a Black Edible Food Marker.

Stay Tuned for more Muppets Party Idea Posts coming along with some Muppets Party Game Ideas I will be working on.

This Party Animal is on it – so no worries !!

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