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Check out all the NEW Smurfs Games available

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Holy Smurf !!! Have you seen all the New Smurfs Games that have come out on the market to go along with The Smurfs Movie? There are a bunch and I have to show you them because they look Smurfin’ Fun !!!

Someone pinch me please !!! I feel like I just stepped back into my childhood with all the new Smurf Merchandise everywhere. Seems everywhere you turn lately there is something having to do with Smurfs !!

Folks I am not complaining one bit – for me this is a dream come true. My favorite childhood toys are back  with a whole new generation of fans and I am LOVIN’ IT !! I am also wondering who is going to make out better at Christmas this year me or the kids – lol.

I love Games and of course so do the kids so when I saw the variety of Smurfs Games out I got extra excited so I had to share in case you have not seen them all yet – I know I am good like that.  So lets go on a little New Smurf Game journey – you with me?

First up is The Smurfs Dance Party Wii Game and The Smurfs DS Game.

I have first hand experience with The Smurfs Dance Party Wii Game since I rented it for my daughter’s Birthday Party for the girls to play (oh and me 2). They absolutely LOVED It and so did I – so much so that I went out and had to buy a copy. It is really a lot of fun to play and dance with the Smurfs and I also think it is a good workout and gets the kids up and moving. I give it 2 Smurfs up and a must buy.

Next up we have…

The Smurfs Big Roll Bingo Game

The Smurfs Make a Match

The Smurfs Old Maid Card Game

The next games on our Smurf Game Journey are…

The Race to Smurf’s Village Game

The Smurfs Whirl and Twirl Clumsy Game

(this looks fun !!)

The Smurfs Pop ‘n’ Race Game

The Journey continues with……

The Smurfs Hold on Clumsy Game (reminds me of Break the Ice)

The Smurfs Follow your Nose Dominoes

Smurf Top Trump Cards Game (available soon – check back)

and next up…..

No Smurf Left Behind Collectible Game

Smurfs Tag-A-Thon Gravity Feed Collectible Game

So for this post our New Smurfs Games journey ends, BUT I am sure it is not over. As New Smurfs Games are released I will add them on right here !! Are you amazed at how many there are or what?

If you are planning a Smurfs Birthday Party any of these games would make a fun addition to the festivities.  If you are planning a Smurfs Party you do not want to miss my post that is filled with lots of Smurfy Ideas in addition to a Huge list of Smurf Party Games:

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