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Oreo Cookie Tower – Sometimes it is all about the Display

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Have you ever seen an Oreo Cookie Tower? The Oreo’s are basically stacked in a way that looks like a Cake. I think this is a great way to display any type of cookie to make a big statement with your party guests. Sometimes it really is all about the display.

I came across this in a magazine while waiting at the Doctor’s office and drooled on the page. Not to worry I ripped it out so not to spread my germs – lol. I thought it was such a cool idea and being Oreo’s are my favorite cookie it made me very hungry and thirsty for a big glass of cold milk.

How amazing do those Cookies look? It is funny how just by making a fancy display a basic Oreo Cookie could look so grand.  Can you imagine the look on the kids faces if they walk into your party and see that on the table. I know my face would say it all if I saw that.

So next time you are plating some Cookies for the party- make a statement and create a Cookie Tower, any cookies will work. For me I will stick with the Oreo’s !!!


8 Responses to “Oreo Cookie Tower – Sometimes it is all about the Display”
  1. SISTA PEEP says:

    IS THAT EI’s BIRTHDAY CAKE????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Cindy says:

    You find great ideas!:o)

  3. lisa says:

    Our son is 18 today! His cake request? Oreo’s!
    Thanks a bunch,

  4. YW – We LOVE Oreo’s at my house too !!!

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