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Paper Birthday Party Favor Boxes

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paper birthday party favors

I have to share the coolest Paper Birthday Party Favor Boxes that are so unique and would be great to give out to your guests at any party. So move over Gift bags and make room for some cool Boxes. These Favor Boxes are handmade by Favormaker’s and sold through their store on Etsy. What I really love about these:  Not only can you fill them with goodies the box itself is also part of the favor and can used over again.  Favormaker’s makes these boxes to order and you can choose from a color chart so you can match the colors to your party theme.  Each box is made from 65 pound paper and is supplied from an environmentally friendly company using wind power. Each box is also pre-assembled.  How great is that?  If you follow my posts you know that I love all things that are Unique and different – and this is no doubt one of them. They offer a large variety of styles from Birthday Party Hats, Teapots & Teacups, Easter Styles, Graduation Caps, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Bride and Groom,Hanukkah and more. Let me show you how some of these boxes can work with your Birthday Party Themes.

Penguin Party Favor Paper Box

Penguin Party Favor Paper Box

How adorable is this  Penguin Party Favor Box? I just did a post on a Penguin Birthday Party I did for my daughter and wished I had seen these prior, This would had been just perfect. These would even be a great ending for a Madagascar Birthday Party, Ice Age Birthday Party or any other winter theme. The Large Size Box Dimensions are Height: 3.3 inches Base: 2.75 x 2.75 inches Box Opening: 1.75 x 1.75 inches and the eyes are made from seed beads.

Strawberry Teapot Paper Party Favor Box

Strawberry Teapot Party Favor Paper Box

Now how prefect would this Strawberry Teapot Party Favor Box be for a Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party? What little girl would not love to take this home and play with it or store small trinkets in? You add in some yummy treats like cookies and strawberry candies. The Large Size Teapot Dimensions are Height: 3 3/8 inches  Box Opening: 3 x 3 inches Base: 1.25 x 1.25 inches.  Now that is just sweet.

Wizard Hat Party Favor Paper Box

Wizard Hat Party Favor Paper Box

This magical Wizard Hat Party Favor Box would be just perfect for any Harry Potter Birthday Party Theme or even a Wizard’s of Wavery Place Birthday Party. Of course this would be wonderful at any Magic Theme Birthday Party as well.

Harry Potter Owl Party Favor

In addition to this Wizard Hat they also have an Owl favor Box – perfect for Harry Potter Parties. The Wizard Hat Dimensions are Height: 3.5 inches Box Opening: 3 x 3 inches and you can choose from white Stars and Moons or Yellow.

Flower Pot Party Favor Paper Box

Flower Pot Party Favor Paper Box

These have to be my favorite of all  the Flower Pot Party Favor Box.  You choose the colors to match your party theme and these would be just perfect for any Garden Birthday Party Themeor any Girlie Party at that. You can really customize the colors on these and you get to choose your color for the Pot, Lid & Stem, Flower Pedals, Middle Circle and Outer Circle.

Tool Box Paper Party Favor Box

Tool Box Paper Party Favor Box

Check out the Tool Box Party Favor Box. Now this is one for the boys and would be great for a Handy Manny Birthday Party or of course any Construction Birthday Party Theme. The Dimensions of this box is 3.5 inches length 1.75 inches width 1.75 inches height. Perfect for stickers, cookies, Edible Sugar Tools and more. I think these are so adorable and perfect for your little tool man.

Teapot Set Party Paper Favor Box

Teapot Set Party Paper Favor Box

This Teapot Set Party Favor Box is my second favorite by far. How cute would this be to send home with all the little girls after a Tea Party Birthday Theme. You can add some small cookies in the teapot and they go home with a fun play set they can use over and over again at home.  Of course all the colors can be customized to match your party colors and you can even get the set with fun polka dots too.  You can even add in more teacups if you want a larger set. The Dimensions for the Teapot are Height: 3 inches Box Opening: 2.5 x 2.5 inches Base: 3.25 x 3.25 inches, The Teacup is Height: 1.6 inches  Opening: 1.75 x 1.75 inches, Saucer is 3 x 3 inches.

I hope  I have given you some great ideas for some Unique things you can do with your Party Favors.  Forget the gift bags – send the kids home with a Paper Favor Box from Favormaker’s the kids can enjoy over and over again. I have no doubt the kids will love them and the other parents will be very impressed. Now take a look at some of the other Paper Favor Boxes that are available:


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  1. am says:

    I think these would be great for Christmas too….Hang them right on the tree!!!!

  2. CAROLINA says:

    how can i make the tool box?

  3. You can find them for sale through the link on my post – you can then ask the seller about how to make it. I believe they come already assembled.

  4. Isis Mateus says:


  5. anna says:

    I am having trouble accessing the link to the paper tool boxes. please advise

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