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Pinata Games and Non Candy Filler Ideas and Tips

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Kids love Pinatas, but parents dread having to fill them with loads of candy – Being a parent myself I am not crazy about all that candy either. Honestly you do not need to fill them with candy – there are many other things they can be filled with – you just have to use a little bit of imagination.

Always think about what you would want your kids to come with from a party – A bag full of Candy or things they can use? Just be careful of putting in toys that can be heavy and knock a child in the head. Below I will give you some alternative Pinata Filler Ideas along with some fun Pinata Games to add to the fun of Pinata Time.

Don’t be afraid of having a Pinata at your next party – If done right they can be a lot of fun and the kids love Pinata Time !!!

Here are some easy Non Candy Pinata Filler Ideas for you to consider:

  • Healthy Snacks that come in small packages (and a lot of them do) like Fruit Snacks, Teddy Grahams, Individual wrapped Cookies, Chips, Fruit Roll-ups, Yogos etc… You can even take small baggies and wrap your own goodies.
  • Bouncy Balls these are always fun when they land on a hard surface – kids have to chase them down
  • JewelryNecklaces, Rings and Bracelets
  • Stickers and Tattoos
  • Crayons
  • Personalized Writing Pens-Want to go all out? Make the memory of the special day last and last with a fun pen you or your child can customize and commemorate the day with!
  • Figurinessmall toys that may work with the theme
  • Punching  Balloonsnot blown up of course
  • Glow SticksKids love Glow Necklaces, Sticks and Bracelets
  • Lip Gloss or Chap Stick
  • Small Bottles of Bubbles

How to Hang your Pinata

Make sure your Pinata in in a safe place with plenty of room around it. If you are using a Pinata that you will hit to smash open make sure the kids are a safe distance away to avoid any mishaps.

  • Loop a rope through the string at the top of the pinata and tie a knot. Loop the rope over a hook or rafter beam or secure it to the end of a long sturdy stick—like a broom handle.
  • The pinata can be raised and lowered by pulling on the rope or raising the stick higher.

Pinata Bag Craft

Here is something I do and recommend to my customers if they are planning to have a Pinata at the party. Buy some Lunch bags – you can use plain brown of buy colored ones.  Write each party guests name on the bag prior to the party and have them by the door. As each child arrives hand them a bag and send them to an area you have designated where they can decorate that bag with Markers, Stickers, Foam Stickers, Crayons etc.. This is great for multiple reasons – it gives the kids something to do while waiting for others to arrive being they never all show up at the same time and by having the names on the bags at the door you can keep track of who you are still waiting for. In addition to that it becomes another craft activity for something you would need anyway and it is a nice ice breaker for the kids who do not know each other. When all the kids arrive just put the bags aside until you are ready to do the Pinata.

Pinata Game Ideas

To avoid the whole argument on who will be the first to go – try this: Have the Party Guests line up in alphabetical order by the first letter in their name. Of course Birthday Child goes first. Then it makes it all fair.

You may also want to have extra Pinata Filler aside for those kids who do not like to run and gather or for those who get pushed out of the way. I have seen even some parents have all the goodies the kids gathered then dumped on a table and re-bagged them evenly so everyone got the same amount.

For Pull String Pinata

Have each child take turns by pulling a ribbon – only one will open the trap door – make sure they all have their Candy Bags in hand ready to grab their goodies.
You can even have all the guests hold one ribbon at the same time and pull.

Tip: Tie a small toy or trinket to each ribbon for an extra goody so everyone will get one

For Traditional Hit and Smash Pinata

Safety FirstMake sure the Pinata is secure and all kids are a safe distance (a minimum 15′ radius is recommended) away to avoid being hit. Decide how many tries each child will get to hit the Pinata. Make sure to check Safety distance between each smasher – the kids always seem to sneak up.

Choose a nice solid Baseball Bat or Broom Stick to hit the Pinata. Line the guests up in order and blindfold the child who is up to take a hit of the Pinata. Make sure they all have their Candy Bags in hand ready to grab their goodies. Walk them to where the Pinata is and spin the around 3 times or so. Back off and let them at it.  Continue doing this until the Pinata releases the goods.

Save the Pinata

If you have a pull string Pinata chances are it will not get destroyed and can be turned into a cool decoration for the Birthday Child’s room. All you would need to do it patch up the opening in the bottom.


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  1. Kris says:

    SO Happy I found this site!!! I am having a 8 year old Boys and Girls birthday Party this Saturday. I have a Soccer ball Pinata that he wants to hit. I did not really want to put candy in it seeing Halloween is next week… Plus, I am renting a Cotton Candy machine (I hope that is not a disaster) and having a cake, so less candy would be better! Thanks for the idea on handing out the bags with their name on it as they arrive and decorating it. I was looking for a little craft 2 do and that sounds great! Thank You!

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