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Rocket Balloons – Great Party Fun the Kids Love

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Rocket Balloons

Rocket Balloons

Not many know what Rocket Balloons are – I did not until a couple of years ago. I host a fourth of July party each year and wanted a fun activity the kids could do to make some noise vs. a lot of firecrackers.

The Rocket Balloons usually come with a pump or straw for the kids to blow them up – you can blow them up by mouth, but these make it so much easier. Once inflated the kids hold them without knotting them and get ready to launch. When released these balloons can soar upwards of 50 feet and while they do they make a screaming noises and go crazy.

The kids had so much fun with these and even my dogs loved chasing them. These are a must for any summertime party – I guarantee the kids will love them.

I do recommend each child have their own Balloon Pump it makes it easier and avoids many arguments. Send some home with the kids as Birthday Party Favors.

Below is a picture of my Son, Niece and Nephew letting some go in the yard – they really are tons of fun and I get them for the kids all the time.

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