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Pac-Man Costumes – taking it back to the 80’s

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Take a step back to the 80’s for Halloween this year with one of these Pac-Man Costumes.

I swear as I am writing this the music from Pac-Man is going off in my head. You know the part when you would eat a Power Pellet and it would speed up and you would go after the ghosts and eat the dots and then your speed goes back to normal and you are trapped between two ghosts who eat you and you lose your turn. I hated when that happened. I think I remember it so well because I would always do the same thing over and over. But even with that I loved this game and still play it to this day – the original version is my favorite of course.

Well enough about me !! These Pac-Man Costumes are adorable and kids these days love Pac-Man as well and I bet they are much better at it too. So when I came across these costumes I knew I had to post about them. OH and not to worry they are available for us Adults too – Whoop Whoop !!

For the Kids Costumes you can chose from a Pac-Man Costume, Blinky Costume, Cyde Costume, Inky Costume, Pinky Costume or this New Pac-Mac Video Game Screen Costume.

What is cool about the Pac-Man Ghost Costumes is that the kids can wear it with their heads sticking out the top or pull it over their head and look out the eye area. How cool is that?

Now for us adults they have the same Pac-Man Costumeswith some additions.  In the adult size you will find a Power Pellet Costume,  I am not sure why they would have not made one for the kids. For us ladies they have these cool Pac Man Tank Dress Costumes which I think look like fun Pajamas .  And some new Pac Man Costumes this year which are the Pac Man 2D Profile Costume, Pac-Mac Video Game Screen Costume and Pac-Mac Video Game Screen Tank Dress Costume.Now can you believe I could not find any official Ms Pac Man Costumes out there? What is with that? So my suggestion would be to use one of the regular Pac Man Costumes and add to it. You can attach a Big Red Bow to the costume or wear in your Hair. Add some Red Lips to the Costume using Fabric Paint and do not forget to add on some Eyelashes to the Eyes.

I love all these costume they really take me back – BUT remember Costumes are not just for Halloween. If you are having an 80’s Theme Party surprise your guests by dressing up in one of these Costumes for the occasion. Now that would be FUN !!

The other favorite part of Pac Man for me was when Pac Man and Ms Pac Man Meet so being this music is stuck in my head I had to leave you with this video so it can be stuck in yours !!

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