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Pancakes with a Cream Cheese Topping and Fresh Strawberries

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pancakes with cream cheese toppingSo this morning I made my son Pancakes with a Cream Cheese Topping and Fresh Strawberries that is a recipe that came from a friend. I have never made them like this before and found it different, unique and delicious so of course I had to share if you have never tried this before.

Now there is a little bit of a back story to this breakfast. See when my son stays over his friends house his mother, my friend Carla, will make this for them. All I hear is how good she cooks and I am a very competitive person and so I said I think I can make that better. Come on I want my son to say I cook him the best stuff – lol.

So I found out from her what it was she makes and decided I was gonna make it for my son, but I was going to do it better of course – hee hee. She told me about this Cream Cheese Topping she makes that she had on a trip one time and then recreated it at home and found all the kids loved it.

This could not be any more simple to make and I must say I was skeptical on how it would be on pancakes and was so surprised after I tasted it how good it was. I have honestly always only had syrup on my pancakes and now I think I have been converted.

So here is what you need:

  • Fresh Strawberries
  • Cream Cheese, softened
  • Sugar
  • Pancakes

So last night I cut up my Fresh Strawberries placed them in a bowl and added a small amount of water and sprinkled them with Sugar. I mixed them up so that they were well coated and let them marinate for the night. This adds a nice sweet sauce to them and makes them extra yummy.

Then in another bowl I took my Softened Cream Cheese and mixed in sugar to taste (you want it sweet, but not too sweet). I did this last night too, but u can do it before serving as well. I just thought when it sat overnight it would taste even better – I had to one up my friend ya know!!

So this morning I cooked up my pancakes and then just warmed the Cream Cheese Topping in the microwave.

That is it !!!

strawberry cheesecake pancakesDoes that look good or what? Honestly it is like Strawberry Cheesecake Pancakes because the Cream Cheese Topping tastes like Cheesecake.

This is a great idea for a Sleepover Party Breakfast too for something different.

strawberry chocolate chip pancakesOf course my daughter has different tastes and if you’re a parent of multiple kids you know we are also short order cooks. So I had to make her Chocolate Chip Pancakes that she topped with Syrup and the Fresh Strawberries.

So if you have never tried Pancakes with a Cream Cheese Topping and Fresh Strawberries I say do it – it may just be your kids new favorite breakfast!!


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