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Paper Doll Party Craft

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I have to share with you these Fun Paper Dolls I created with my daughter and niece a couple years ago – I just came across the photos. This craft is something I came up with on a whim. When my niece comes and stays over they love to do crafts and I have a large craft room being that is another thing I am passionate about. Anyway I came up with this idea with things I had on hand and they turned out awesome and the girls loved them.  So I am going to share with you how you can make these too.

Being these are so easy to make and the kids love doing them I feel they would make a great Party Craft or even a Classroom Activity for the kids to do.  These can be made into Dolls or even Animals – the limit is yours and the kids imagination. Did I also mention they are BUDGET FRIENDLY? Yup they are!!!

So here is what I used to create these:

  • Colored Construction Paper for the Head & Dress
  • Foam Sheets for the Mittens and Shoes
  • Colored Yarn for the Hair
  • Ribbon Bows for the Hair
  • Colored Markers
  • Rhinestones for Dress Embellishing – I like Bling
  • Jumbo Craft Sticks for the Body Frame (Approx 9+ Per Doll)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors

First you want to glue all of your Craft Sticks together to form the body – Follow my diagram to the right. Make sure you overlap the sticks so they are secure and use plenty of glue so it is strong. If needed you can add additional Craft Sticks  for durability.

If the kids are young I recommend an adult to do this part, especially being that you will be using Hot Glue. Also if you are using this craft at a Party or for a Classroom Activity you may want to have these made ahead of time.

Once that is done you can get the kids involved. Cut out Large Circles for the Head and let the kids draw and color the faces. For the Hair I took enough yarn to cover the head and hang down the sides. I then took some of the Hot Glue and glued it on. Then I took some Ribbon Bows I had hanging around and added them to the hair. You can leave it as it or even add on Flowers or any other fun accessory you have around the house.

I then cut out a dress shape for the girls to color and decorate. The girls also added some rhinestones around the collar for some added BLING – did I mention I love Bling?

I used the Foam Sheets and cut out Mitten Shapes and Boot Shapes and let the girls color those as well. Construction Paper would be fine for those too, but it is what I used being I had it on hand. You can also make hands or any style shoe shape you want.

Once the kids are all done coloring and decorating their Doll Pieces it is time to put it all together.  Starting with the Head add some Hot Glue onto the sticks and place the head on. Then your Dress, Mittens and Shoes. Make sure it is all dry and all the pieces are nice and secure. Now you are done!!!

Hand them off to the kids and let them play. You can even set up a stage where they can play with their Paper Dolls. Behind a Table or Couch always works – take pictures and sit back and watch the show.

Boys can make these to ya know!!! My Nephew had a project at school where he had to make a Character so when they were thinking about what to do they remembered these Dolls we had made. When my Sister in Law sent me the photo of my Nephew’s Baseball Guy using this design idea I was one proud Aunt. It was AWESOME!!! Check out his Baseball Hat, Baseball Glove, Arms and his even had a Neck – Love It!!!! Hmm I never did ask his grade, but I know it could not have been less than an A+.

So whether you are having a Party or just needing a Rainy Day Craft Idea then I say give this one a try – the kids had so much fun with these. Also feel free to send me your Paper Doll Photos to share right here. Have Fun!!!


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  1. Really liked your idea….I´ll try it with my third graders here in Costa Rica cause we´re studying the unit of clothing…..liked the picture shows they had fun and wanted to share it with others. Thanks again

  2. That is great -s end me some pictures of your finished crafts – the girls loved it !!! They are so much fun to make.

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