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Party Peep Spotlight with Oh Goodie Designs

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The Party Animal’s Party Peep Spotlight is where I feature and interview other creative Businesses in the Party Industry. These are Party Businesses you may or may not have heard of before. Today my Party Peep Spotlight is on Oh Goodie Designs.

Oh Goodie Designs Coordinates and Styles parties of all sizes from Birthday Parties to Corporate Events with a great attention to detail which shows in their work. In addition to that Oh Goodies Designs also offers Custom Designed Party Supplies and Goodies in their Etsy Store. One of my favorite Goodies that can be found in their store is the Homemade Peanut Brittle – Yum Yum Yum !!! That is one SWEET Party Favor !!

So I got to ask my Party Peep Joanne, the creative one behind all of these Custom Designed Party Supplies and Goodies, some questions so we can learn a little more about her and Oh Goodie Designs.

So lets hear what she had to say with some Party Animal Q&A:

What inspired you to get into the Party World?

I have been planning parties for friends and family for years. Even since I was school age I could always have an excuse to plan a party. My grandmother’s always entertained so I guess it is in my blood. As I had children our friends always asked for my ideas and I would put on the biggest party in town for my own children. I had to invite everyone, because you wouldn’t want to hear about it second hand. It wasn’t until about 4 years ago that I said” hey, I should charge for this!”.  I am now lucky to have such great vendors I can use to bring all the details together.  I have been so inspired by many thru facebook and blogging- and that keeps me on my game.

Do you have a Best Selling Product or Service? If so what is it?

My best selling product is my goodies. Even if I do not style your party, I am still asked to deliver goodies.  Also, I am a whiz with wording so I always get asked to make a rhyme, word an invitation or something for someone.

Are your Products and Services Location Specific or Nationwide?

I just recently opened my Etsy Shop and in the near future I want to become a full party product and accessories site. I also deliver goodies locally and ship wherever!

Why would someone come to you for their Party Needs? What makes you stand out?

I like to think people come to me for party services because I like to treat each party individually.  I love to get to know each person and their taste and coordinate a party around them.  It’s their day anyway.  No matter how quirky or abnormal you may be, I want to know about YOU!  Also, if I do not offer a service they need, I can find it for them.  I don’t want anyone to have to search anything out.

Share one of your Best Party Memories?

My best party memories as a child were how my grandmothers and mother would celebrate ME.  My children’s parties are so memorable too because we are celebrating them in every detail. Now, having planned many parties, my favorite remark is how I really nailed that person’s personality and the event represented them so well. People are usually amazed how I can capture that in a short period of time.

What is your Favorite Party Game?

I don’t plan too many games. I always have at least 3 activities for children’s parties. Usually crafts and or entertainment.  As a child and for my children, being from south Texas, you can’t have a party with out a pinata!!

What is your Favorite Party Theme?

My favorite party theme …I love them all. Any theme is a party theme to me. I can celebrate anything!

Birthday Cake or Cupcakes?

Well, I love a great cake. But kids love cupcakes. So, I sometimes try to do both. It depends on how I will be arrangeing the table. I think about it all.

What is one of your favorite things you like to send home as a Party Favor with the kids or see come home from a Party with yours?

Party favors…I can’t stand goodie bags of junk. The best favors are favors that are going to get used. Even if it is a cookie or a gift, it must reflect the party theme. A favor must be useful for the days/months ahead. I like for the party to live on through the favor. That way the guests can remember the good time they had each time it is used. My daughter still has the Alice in Wonderland kaleidoscope she gave at her 1st birthday. At a baseball themed party once I gave baseball bobbleheads as favors that read the birthday boy’s name, age and birthdate.  At a recent Cupcakes & Cocktails 50th birthday party we gave a goodie bag filled with the birthday girl’s favorite things: lipstick, perfume, a bookmark, a decorated cookie, chocolate truffles, a Christmas ornament and a CD of her husband’s acoustic guitar music.

Let me show you a small taste of what Oh Goodie Designs has to offer:

I want to Thank my Party Peep Joanne for taking the time out to share with us her Custom Designed Party Supplies and Goodies that would truly add that perfect touch to any party. Make sure to visit her Etsy Store for some of that Peanut Brittle in cute Goodie Bags too and when you order be sure to tell her The Party Animal sent ya!!

Oh Goodie Designs BlogWhere they feature their parties, other stylists’ parties and real people’s parties.  They also do giveaways featuring other vendors’ products. At times they also feature recipes, cupcake shops and craft tutorials.

Oh Goodie Designs “Grab your Banner”

The Party Animal


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  1. Wow all these designs seem a bit much, you don’t know where to look, but they gave me some great ideas!

  2. Jo Green says:

    Great interview and some fantastic party planning tips! I love the idea of a bobblehead giveaway – how brilliant is that?

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