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Party Peep Spotlight with Have 2 Have it Personalized

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The Party Animal’s Party Peep Spotlight is where I feature and interview other creative Businesses in the Party Industry. These are Party Businesses you may or may not have heard of before. Today my Party Peep Spotlight is on Have 2 Have it Personalized.

Have 2 Have it Personalized custom makes the most incredible personalized birthday cake toppers from acrylic. They can match any theme or character. They also make custom monogram letters for weddings and anniversary’s as well. Their work is amazing and it really takes Cakes to whole new level. I was so amazed by their work when I can across it and knew they had to be spotlighted !!

So I got to ask my Party Peep Angela, the creative one behind all of these Custom Cake Toppers, some questions so we can learn a little more about her and Have 2 Have it Personalized.

So lets hear what she had to say with some Party Animal Q&A:

What inspired you to get into the Party World?

I started making monogram cake topper for weddings, while planning my own wedding. I found that the new trend of monogram cake toppers were so expensive I knew I could make them just as nice but less expensive for girls like me, on a STRICT budget.  Then soon after, I started planning my little girls 1st birthday party, really not finding exactly what I wanted, it dawned on me, that I had a great piece of equipment that I could make my own personalized items, such as the perfect cake topper….. And that’s how my character cake toppers were “born”.

Do you have a Best Selling Product or Service? If so what is it?

By Far, the character cake toppers are becoming very popular, very fast.

Are your Products and Services Location Specific or Nationwide?

Currently I only offer the cake toppers to USA customers only.

Why would someone come to you for their Party Needs? What makes you stand out?

I offer Personalized ACRYLIC cake toppers, with the child’s name on it. They are not made of paper, so they can be used several times or kept as a cute keepsake in the child’s room after the party… AND VERY soon to come, (just waiting for my new equipment to come, so about 2 weeks) I will be making custom GLOSSY WATER-PROOF stickers, for cupcake toppers, goody bags, envelope seals and so many more… Look out for them! they will be a big hit! and during the first month of lauching the product, I will offer a free sample (randomly chosen by me) so people can see the GREAT quality, which currently NO ONE else has out there!

Share one of your Best Party Memories?

For me, is always creating something new, for my childrens parties… I’ve always LOVED crafts as a child… so now making so many of my kids party supplies is so much fun and exciting.. and they LOVE that their items are unique and personalized with their names on them.

What is your Favorite Party Game?

Haha, I play the ‘clean-up’ game… I give each child a plastic bag and ask them to pick up as much trash that they can around the party area, and the one that gets the MOST trash, will get an awesome prize… it’s SOOOOO funny to see all of the children running around like crazy picking up all of the trash (yay! less clean up for me!) once they all bring me their trash bags, full of trash, I have them line up at the trash bin, and as they dump their trash in the trash bin, I give them each a price! They each get a price, however the one with the most trash, will get like a Mcdonalds gift certifcate, or maybe the one that worked the hardest might get another ‘special’ prize…

What is your Favorite Party Theme?

This is hard to say.. because when ever my children pick their party theme, I LOVE that party them and will try and customize it as best as possible

Birthday Cake or Cupcakes?

Maybe even a little of each.: for me its birthday cake…… Love filling with my cake, not just cake and frosting…..

What is one of your favorite things you like to send home as a Party Favor with the kids or see come home from a Party with yours?

Because in my home a tradition is the breaking of pinatas with TONS of candy… In my party favor bags, I tend to put more toys and ONE good size candy bar, with a personalized candy wrapper, giving thanks for everyone sharing the celebration.

 Let me show you a small taste of what Have 2 Have it Personalized has to offer:

I want to Thank my Party Peep Angela for taking the time out to share with us her Custom Personalized Cake Toppers. I think these are fantastic and I absolutely love them all especially the ones with the child’s photo on it. These all truly make great keepsakes for the birthday child and again they can be used year after year because they are acrylic. I cannot wait to see all the new items Angela has in the works !!

I also have to say that Angela’s clean up game is brilliant and I will be adding that to my future parties as well (lol).

So be sure to check out all Have 2 Have it Personalized has to offer and when you place your order be sure to tell them The Party Animal sent ya !!

Also visit Have 2 Have It Personalized on Facebook.

Want to be in The Party Animal’s Party Peep Spotlight? If you think you have what it takes to be spotlighted then Contact Us and we may just shine our light on your Party Business!!

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