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Party Peep Spotlight with Milk and Cookeez

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The Party Animal’s Party Peep Spotlight is where I feature and interview other creative Businesses in the Party Industry. These are Party Businesses you may or may not have heard of before. Today my Party Peep Spotlight is on Milk and Cookeez.

Milk and Cookeez produces Bath and Body Treats that are made using only detergent free soap, phthalate free fragrance, and paraben free preservatives. They also use lots of natural butters, organic sugars, and fruit oils to keep the “Yumminess” at a premium.

All of their products make the best Usable Unique Party Favors for any party and they are also home to the very popular Rock Candy Soap. One of my other personal favorites has to be their Glazed Donutz Soaps – What a SWEET way to get clean is all I can say. Wait to you see all the Delicious Choices of Bath and Body Treats they have available not only will it blow your mind, but the kids will love to take them home from your party!! I Love nothing more than usable Party Favors – Don’t You?

So I got to ask my Party Peep Tammy, the creative one behind all of these Bath and Body Treats, some questions so we can learn a little more about her and Milk and Cookeez.

So lets hear what she had to say with some Party Animal Q&A:

What inspired you to get into the Party World?

When I first started making products, I was told that they would make great party favors. I attempted to locally sell Parties in a Box, but that fizzled, st that point I focused mainly on the favor end.

Do you have a Best Selling Product or Service? If so what is it?

My Rock Candy Soap. These little soaps look just like traditional rock candy and make a perfect favor and “extra” gift.

Are your Products and Services Location Specific or Nationwide?

Actually, I am happy to say that we are Worldwide, with our products being carried in Australia, Dubai, Canada, and all across the Good Ol’ USA.

Why would someone come to you for their Party Needs? What makes you stand out?

Not only are our products fun, but they are also very kid friendly, which is what makes us different from a lot of “Spa” party favors. Once, we started growing, it was noticed that most Spa/Bath and Body products geared towards Children and Tweens we laden with parabens and other chemicals that were unnecessary in the product.

Share one of your Best Party Memories?

I was raised in the “Here is your cake & your balloons” Era of parties, the 80’s ewwww. My most memorable party was my 9th, when ET was big. I had an ET Cake and I wouldn’t let anyone eat his head, which was most of the cake. I saved if for about a week, I can’t remember if I ever did bite it.

What is your Favorite Party Game?

I’m a big pin the_________ on the _____________. We change it for each themed Birthday.

What is your Favorite Party Theme?

My Son’s 1st Birthday, the theme was Balls and Balloons. I used lots of primary colors and filled our dining room with small beach balls and balloons with long ribbon, the kids loved it (they were 1-3 yrs old)

Birthday Cake or Cupcakes?

Maybe even a little of each. I love the looks of cake, but cupcakes have my heart!

What is one of your favorite things you like to send home as a Party Favor with the kids or see come home from a Party with yours?

Well, now it’s themed soap :) but it used to be something special that correlates to the party, we’ve done balls, ice cream cone shaped sugar cookies, dinosaurs in eggs, play dough, crayons, tiaras, etc, anything that has matched the theme.

Let me show you a small taste of what Milk and Cookeez has to offer:

I want to Thank my Party Peep Tammy for taking the time out to share with us her SWEET Bath and Body Treats that would make the perfect Party Favor to send home with the kids at your next Party . So stop by and take a look at all the goodies available from Milk and Cookeez and when you order be sure to tell her The Party Animal sent ya!!

Want to be in The Party Animal’s Party Peep Spotlight? If you think you have what it takes to be spotlighted then Contact Us and we may just shine our light on your Party Business !!

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