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Party Peep Spotlight with Party Time Party Boxes

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The Party Animal’s Party Peep Spotlight is where I feature and interview other creative Businesses in the Party Industry. These are Party Businesses you may or may not have heard of before. Today my Party Peep Spotlight is on Party Time Party Boxes.

Party Time Party Boxes goal is to offer their customers a complete, high quality themed party that is planned and prepared to help any hostess to throw a spectacular, stress-free celebration . Have you ever wished you could have everything you need for a great party delivered right to your door?  They can do that for you! They put a lot of work into each and every Party so you do not have to – does it get any better than that?

Every Party Time Party Box includes: Detailed Party Plan specific to your event and full of ideas to help make your party fun and stress-free,  Invitations and thank you notes, Party Decorations, Coordinating tableware, Materials for Games and Crafts and Goodies for your guests. Just add a cake and you’re ready to celebrate!

So I got to ask my Party Peeps Caroline and Larissa, the creative ones behind all of these Party Time Party Boxes, some questions so we can learn a little more about them and their Party Business.

So lets hear what they had to say with some Party Animal Q&A:

What inspired you to get into the Party World?

The idea for this company came out of our joint love for throwing parties that made our family and friends feel special. We recognized that hosting a great party involves a lot of planning, and then either running around trying to find all the supplies, or paying way too much for multiple shipping costs. We’d been there. Over and over we heard our friends tell us how much they wished they could host a great party, but were overwhelmed just thinking about it! We decided to start a business that put everything together in one box— invitations, decorations, crafts, games, activities, goodies, and a detailed plan. All you have to do is make one trip to the grocery store and you’re ready to go.

Do you have a Best Selling Product or Service? If so what is it?

Our Spa party and our Hollywood party are probably our  two best sellers because they are great for either children or adults. We have had a number of customers who originally bought the Spa party for their daughters and then came back and ordered one for themselves and their girlfriends!

Are your Products and Services Location Specific or Nationwide?

We are based in Portland, Oregon, but we sell online everywhere!

Why would someone come to you for their Party Needs? What makes you stand out?

There are lots of places that offer party supplies, but what differentiates Party Time Party Boxes is that our parties go way beyond giving you just the things you need to decorate. Before becoming party planners we were both teachers, so we have a lot of experience planning children’s activities and we show you exactly what to do to make your party wonderful from beginning to end. For each of our party themes, we provide a complete plan that takes you step by step through all of your party preparations, gives you ideas and all the things you will need for a variety of games and crafts, includes themed invitations and thank you notes, and also comes with high quality party favors that your guests will love. We make throwing the perfect party a snap!

**We would like our customers to know that we work really hard to make each party unique, special, and fun, and to keep our prices reasonable. Because we buy our supplies at wholesale prices, the cost to our clients is about the same as if they collected all of the materials themselves, except we’ve done all the work and provided lots of ideas and bonuses on top! Each of our party boxes includes a variety of different games and activities to choose from to fit the personality of your guests. You choose the fun!

Share one of your Best Party Memories?

One of the most recent fun parties we’ve thrown was a “Wheelin’ in the Warehouse Party” this past October. We have access to an enormous empty warehouse whose floor just begs for you to roller skate on it. We thought it would be fun to get a band and invite lots of people to come bringing anything that rolled. Turns out our friends were even more creative than we gave them credit for! We had bikes, scooters, and skateboards, as well as shopping carts, electric coolers on wheels, go karts, and even a horse drawn wagon!  Some party highlights included an obstacle course, a photo booth, a live band, an awesome barbecue, and a special guest appearance from The Rose City Rollers – our local roller derby team.  It was a blast.

What is your Favorite Party Game?

There are so many great party games…it depends on the crowd.

What is your Favorite Party Theme?

A great theme for kids is the buckaroo party. It appeals to both girls and boys, and there are just so many fun things that you can do with it.  For adults a perennial favorite is the white elephant theme. Having a party over the holidays is a great way to get everyone in the spirit, and a white elephant party theme is so much fun for getting all your party guests involved in the event. (Not to mention these parties are usually hilarious!)

Birthday Cake or Cupcakes?

Cupcakes! We love how everyone gets their very own,  and how they can each be a little different.

What is one of your favorite things you like to send home as a Party Favor with the kids or see come home from a Party with yours?

The best party favors are definitely things that won’t be thrown away the minute they get home.  Costume items like cowboy hats, fairy wings, hula skirts, or special spy sunglasses are all great options because children tend to use them time and again in their imaginary play activities. We include a keepsake costume item in almost every one of our party boxes so that kids can continue having fun with a party theme even after the party is over!

Let me show you a small taste of what Party Time Party Boxes has to offer:

I want to Thank my Party Peeps Caroline and Larissa for taking the time out to share with us their Party Time Party Boxes which will no doubt save us parents a lot of time when it comes to Party Planning.  Make sure to visit their store to see all the Party Themes they have available and when you order be sure to tell them The Party Animal sent ya!!

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Want to be in The Party Animal’s Party Peep Spotlight? If you think you have what it takes to be spotlighted then Contact Us and we may just shine our light on your Party Business !!

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