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Party Peep Spotlight with Peas & Thank You’s

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The Party Animal’s Party Peep Spotlight is where I feature and interview other creative Businesses in the Party Industry. These are Party Businesses you may or may not have heard of before. Today my Party Peep Spotlight is on Peas & Thank You’s.

Peas & Thank You’s designs, crafts, and sells Custom Paper Party Products such as Invitations, Thank You Notes & Personal Stationery, Favor Tags, Cupcake Toppers, Banners, Party Hats, Signs, Stickers and Water Bottle Labels. Their work is absolutely adorable too, one of my favorite designs is their Sock Monkey Party Supplies – I am such a BIG Fan of the Sock Monkey – but who isn’t? So lets learn a little more…

So I got to ask my Party Peep Jill, the creative one behind all of these Custom Paper Party Products, some questions so we can learn a little more about her and Peas & Thank You’s.

So lets hear what she had to say with some Party Animal Q&A:

What inspired you to get into the Party World?

I worked in engineering and hated it! The business 9-5 was just not for me. I starting making invitations and quickly realized that I LOVE paper. It wasn’t that long ago, but it was before cupcake toppers and handmade banners took over the party world… so I just followed the trend because my customers were requesting those items. Party accessories now account for almost half of my business!

Do you have a Best Selling Product or Service? If so what is it?

I wouldn’t be able to identify one particular item as a best seller, but the service I provide to custom design an entire party package based on a client’s theme and color request has become my specialty, and the reason my clients not only return for their next event but tell their friends about Peas & Thank You’s too! I accept a limited number of custom requests so many of my clients contact me 4-6 months before their party.

Are your Products and Services Location Specific or Nationwide?

My business is nationwide, and I also ship orders internationally (although the longer shipping time requires them to be placed much earlier).

Why would someone come to you for their Party Needs? What makes you stand out?

My products appeal to clients who love the unique handmade quality that I achieve with custom die cutting. The main motif or character of my party products are palpable hand cut paper piecings, most that I have designed from scratch. I spend a great deal of time in the design process so that the text is perfectly set around the die cut embellishments, and I use only the highest quality printers, paper, tools, and adhesives to make the best product I can.

Share one of your Best Party Memories?

My youngest daughter did not have a first birthday party… or a second! We live 650 miles from family in either direction and it just happened that her birthday didn’t coincide with any visits from grandparents, so we celebrated at home with just the four of us. So when her third birthday came around, she had plenty of friends from playgroups and the neighborhood to celebrate with, so I planned a HUGE party… one of those parties that gives you the reputation as being one of “those” moms! Some definately questioned my reasons for putting so much time, effort, and money into a 3 year old’s birthday party, but it was worth every second and every cent – every day leading up to the party, as I was putting up more directions or baking or assembling favors, Lulu would wrap her arms around my leg like a koala bear and tell me “oooooooh mommie, fank you sooooo much I jus YUUUUUVVVVVV my pawty!!” I will never forget how it made me feel knowing that she felt special and loved!

What is your Favorite Party Game?

I think the most fun we have had playing a party game was a sack race! There are so many “old fashioned” party games that aren’t as popular anymore, but the kids still love playing them, especially because it’s fun and new to them!

What is your Favorite Party Theme?

Every day I discover a new one!

Birthday Cake or Cupcakes?

I usually serve both – I can get really elaborate with a smaller cake and serve it to the adults, and then accent it with cute cupcakes that the kids prefer because they can use their hands!

What is one of your favorite things you like to send home as a Party Favor with the kids or see come home from a Party with yours?

I am definitely a favor snob – I hate wasting money and I highly discourage favors that are going to be broken by the time the kids get home with them, or lost before we even get home, or tossed in the trash when the kids aren’t looking. I think most parents would appreciate a healthy treat as a take home favor so much more than plastic kazoos, and if the budget is a little larger then something that will be kept and used again for sure!

Let me show you a small taste of what Peas & Thank You’s has to offer:

I want to Thank my Party Peep Jill for taking the time out to share with us her creative Custom Paper Party Products that would add that Extra Touch to any Party. So when you are planning your next party make sure you do not forget to stop by Peas and Thank You’s for your Paper Party Supplies and when you order be sure to tell her The Party Animal sent ya!!

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  1. Good interview! I just love Peas & Thank You’s work!!

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