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Patriotic Push Up Cakes – 3 Cheers for the Red, White and Blue

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So my 4th of July BBQ would not have been complete without me making yet another treat in my Push Up Containers right? So I did just that with this Simple and EASY Red, White and Blue Cupcake treat.

As you know I am having way too much fun with these Push Up Containers and I still have so many ideas to go. But for the 4th of July I kept it simple and made a basic Push Up Cake Treat. Of course once again I have to share with you just how Simple they are to make – if you do not have any of these Reusable Clear Push Up Containers

a you sooooo have to get some. The kids absolutely LOVE them and I LOVE using them – double Bonus !!

Here is all I used to create these Patriotic Push Up Cakes:

  • White Cake Mix
  • 12 Clear Push Up Containers
  • Red and Blue Food Coloring Gel
  • Vanilla Icing
  • Red, White & Blue Sprinkles
  • Mini Cupcake Pan and Liners

Mix up your White Cake Mix according to the package. Split the Mix into two Mixing Bowls. Color one Red and the other Blue. Line your Mini Cupcake Pan and fill some with the Red Cake Mix and the rest with your Blue Cake Mix. Each Push Up container will each hold 2 Mini Cupcakes – 1 Red and 1 Blue. So depending on how many Push Up Containers you have will be the number of Mini Cupcakes you will need.

Once the are cool, remove the Liners and you are ready for assembly…

First I lined up all my Push Up Containers in my Shoe Box Holder (works Great). First place in a Blue Cupcake, then add some of your Vanilla Frosting. Next Place one of the Red Cupcakes on top of that and then another nice amount of frosting again. Top with some Red, White and Blue Sprinkles, place on Covers and that is it !!! Ready to be served and great for any party using any colors you wish.

Now is that just cool or what? Easy Peasy !!

Check this out… Now I knew I would have more than enough Cake Batter to make some regular sized Cupcakes since I was only making 12 Push Up Cakes. So I also left a small amount of my Cake Batter un colored to use for these Patriotic Tye Dye Cupcakes.

So I lined my Cupcake Pan and then placed in some Red Batter, Blue Batter and the White Batter into each of them. I then took a toothpick and swirled the colors together a bit and had a cool Tye Dye Effect. I frosted them and added some decor and I had myself another Patriotic Treat !!!

Here is my Niece and Nephew enjoying some of the Patriotic Push Up Cakes !!! For them one is never enough either – they are my best customers – lol




2 Responses to “Patriotic Push Up Cakes – 3 Cheers for the Red, White and Blue”
  1. Liz says:

    Where are the containers from? They really don’t get gross after using them?
    Cute ideas, the desserts look great!

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