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A Penguin Pinata is one Cool Party Addition

January 5, 2011 by  
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Looking for a Cool Pinata, no pun intended really – lol. This Penguin Pinata has to be the coolest ever and I think it is so adorable. In addition to being used as your traditional pinata this can also make a great centerpiece on the table as well.

In 2009 I had a Penguin Birthday Party for my daughter and there was not much available for a Penguin Party and I wish I had found this. I definitely would have filled it up with lots of Penguin related items like Stickers, Tattoos, Penguin Pencils, Ice Cube Chocolates, Snowflakes etc…  I would have made it my Centerpiece until it was Pinata Time.

So if you are having a Winter Theme Party or Penguin Birthday Party this is just perfect !!!

Also remember a Penguin Party is great all year long – my daughter’s party was held in the summer. It was actually a pool party so when it was very Hot the kids felt cool surrounded by all the Penguins. My daughter loves Penguins and one of her favorite games is Club Penguin so it was perfect. These Penguin Candyland Party Supplies are also a great addition to the party featuring lots of colorful Candy and of course an adorable Penguin. Cool & Sweet !!!

To see my daughter’s party and all the details including games we played stop by my post here: Penguin Birthday Party.

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