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Does the Perfect Brownie Pan Really Work?

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This is another post  from me being snowed in this weekend from what they call the snowpocalypse of 2010.  So I took the time to do some fun cooking and baking projects. Some of you may have seen the commercials for this Perfect Brownie Pan Set and wonder if it really works. Seems like a great idea, but some are always skeptical when it comes to things like this. I also want to state that I am not being paid in anyway for my review, but yet I also had the same curiosity – Will it really make the Perfect Brownie? So watch as I use it for the first time and document with photos each step of the way and find out.

First let me give you a little background on my Perfect Brownie Pan Set.  Last month was my nephew’s birthday and when we went to their house to celebrate my sister in law was making brownies in this pan.  Seemed she got it as a gift being she has a BIG Sweet Tooth and is always making brownies – perfect gift choice for her. Although I was not there to watch the process I was amazed at how Perfect her Brownies looked.

So this past weekend we exchanged kids  – I took my nephew and she took my daughter for the weekend. Knowing I would be snowed in and doing some baking I asked if I can borrow the pan so I could try it out and see how it works. Ok and also make some treats for the kids. To my surprise she bought me my very own – she even put a Red Bow on top. Now how nice was that? Or maybe she did not trust me with hers? lol.  Either way I was very excited and thankful. So I figured I would document everything from start to finish to show those who may want to buy this for themselves or someone else if it truly works.

So I did just that and I will walk you through Step by Step as I used this Perfect Brownie Pan Set for the very first time – so are you curious? Ok here we go….

Here is what comes with the Perfect Brownie Pan Set ~ Brownie Pan with drop out bottom ~ Rack ~Brownie Slicer ~ 10 Brownie Stencils ~ How to and Recipe Book

So lets get started. I used the Duncan Hines Chocolate Lovers Brownie Mix with Chocolate Chunks – I love extra Chocolate in my Brownies, but obviously you can choose any mix. Follow the directions, add your ingredients and Mix it all up. Then lick Spoon for a nice bit of Sugar Rush to continue on.

Now it is time to break out the Pan (pre-wash with soap and water). Pre-Heat that oven!! There is also an Important Note that came with it that tells us to make sure to spray all parts of the pan to avoid sticking with non-stick cooking spray and to also be sure to place your pan on a cookie sheet in case there is any leakage.  DONE – now add your Brownie Batter. Oh How Exciting!!

Next step is to spray the Slicer with the non-stick cooking spray and add into the pan. Just place in and they are ready for the Oven. Now I wait and get hungry!!!

Beep Beep Beep – my oven timer goes off – I open it up and do the toothpick check – They are DONE. Now I just take them out and let them cool before going any further. So far so good.

Once the Brownies were cool we move on to the next fun step – seeing if our Brownies really did come out Perfect. So I got the Base ready.  I then placed the Perfect Brownie Pan onto the base and the side of the Pan drops down and you are left with the Bottom of the Pan sitting on the base and the Slicer still in. Now comes the truth – will the Slicer pull out and leave me 18 Perfectly Sliced Brownies…. Drum Roll….. I lift out the Slicer which easily came out and Guess What? PERFECT Brownies!!! It worked!!!

Take a look for yourself – They look great and are Perfectly Cut – A Proud Moment, but lets move on we have more work to do….

I then used a spatula and removed the Brownies from the base and placed them on a plate. They came off very easily and each one was all in one piece. Much better than the way they would when I would make them before. Don’t they look Yummy? Now onto decorating them.

Now the Perfect Brownie Pan Set comes with 10 Stencils as you see in the photo above. You use these by placing them onto the top of the Brownie and sprinkling Confectioners Sugar to get your design. I could not have given a review without trying that as well.

So being I was snowed in I decided to try the Snowflake – perfect choice for the situation. I got my Confectioners Sugar and a small Metal Strainer I had on hand.  I placed my Brownie on a Cookie Sheet to help with the mess – it does get messy. I placed the Snowflake Stencil on the top of the Brownie – fit perfectly. I put some sugar into my Strainer and then brought it to the Brownie and gently tapped it.  Do not over do it!!! Then I removed the Stencil to reveal a Beautiful Sugar Snowflake on top of my Brownie.  How cool is that? No pun intended really.

So I did a few more with the Snowflake Design and then I added yummy Red Gummy Hearts to some as well – to show my Brownie Love. I plated them up all nice and now it was time to call in the real Testers to make sure they tasted as good as they looked. That is the real test ya know.

So I set the scene – A nice Big Glass of Ice Cold Milk and a Brownie with a Sugar Snowflake on each plate. Time to call in the testers – My Son and my Nephew.  YES they are as Good as they look. So that says it all – this Perfect Brownie Pan Set really did what it said it would – it made PERFECT Brownies!!!

I give this Perfect Brownie Pan 2 Thumbs Up and I will use it all the time. It was so easy to use and you watched me do it right here for the very first time. So if you are thinking of getting one, but were unsure – I say go for it.  This also make the perfect gift for anyone – mine was a gift and I Love It!!!

In addition to that making Brownies for your next Birthday Party will be so easy and each brownie is pretty much the same size.  Think of the possibilities. In addition to the Brownies this Perfect Brownie Pan can also be used for Rice Krispy Treats and Cakes – that is my next adventure.

And once again – I am not being paid to write this review and it is mine free and clear.

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10 Responses to “Does the Perfect Brownie Pan Really Work?”
  1. AM says:

    WOW….no scraps on the knife or wedging out the 1st one!!
    Pretty cool!!

  2. Maureen says:

    The worst part of making brownies is trying to cut them!! I love this!! Can’t wait to try it out myself.

  3. That is so the truth – when I made them the regular way mine would get destroyed trying to get them out from the pan. With this pan it is not even a thought – Perfect every time. You will love it.

  4. Eileen says:

    Love this pan….the worst part about making brownies is trying to cut them into perfect squares without them falling apart….this pan does that for you!

  5. Exactly – it is wonderful – do not know how I lived without it.

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