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The Perfect Ladybug Party Activity for the Kids

April 6, 2010 by  
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I am so excited to share The Perfect Ladybug Party Activity for the Kids with you.  If  you are throwing a Ladybug Birthday Party and need ideas for your activity then look no further. Ladybug Parties are so popular come Spring and Summer every year and I can understand why – Ladybugs are wonderful – I always love to see Ladybugs flying around – I feel they bring me luck.

So let me tell you about the activity – I just added these absolutely adorable 16″ Stuffable Ladybugs to my product line on my website. The kids get to bring them to life by stuffing them. This is similar to Build a Bear with the only difference being the kids get to stuff them by hand in the comfort of your home.

What is even better about this Party Activity is that it will also double as your party favor – so it is a DOUBLE PURPOSE Activity – which is always my favorite.

Each Stuff a Ladybug Kit comes with:

  • 16″ Plush Ladybug
  • Stuffing
  • Wishing Star Insert – The guests can make a wish and insert into the Ladybug prior to closing it up
  • Custom Ladybug Theme Birth Certificate
  • Easy to follow Directions

There is no sewing involved – once the kids Stuff their Ladybugs they just close them up with a simple Velcro Closure and that is it. It is so easy and the kids love to do it.

Another popular choice is to add on a T-Shirt to Decorate. These T-Shirts will fit on the Plush Ladybug and the kids can design them anyway they like using Fabric Markers.

You can even have a Fashion Show once they are done and let all your party guests show off their creations to everyone and vote and award prizes for Best Design, Most Colors Used, Most Creative etc…

There are also many Ladybug Outfits to choose from as well – so if you child wants to stuff another type of animal for the party you can dress it up like a Ladybug. There are 100’s of Stuff a Plush Choices on my website in addition to the Ladybug so let you child have a look and see if they have a favorite choice.

You can also dress your Ladybug in a Ladybug Outfit – or have some extra fun and dress it up in a Bumblebee Outfit. You can really have a lot of fun with all the choices that are available to make your Party Activity your own.

Now to make your head spin a little more with ideas I also have a Stuffable Bumblebee available too.  So you can mix it up and have both available or the Bumblebee is a great choice if you have some boys coming to the party. You can even dress the Ladybugs like Bumblebees and your Bumblebees like Ladybugs. The ideas are truly endless.

I just think these Stuffable Plush are the perfect Activity for your Ladybug Birthday Party Theme and I know for a fact that the kids will go home with the BIGGEST Smiles on their faces and have a great new Plush friend they will love to snuggle and play with.


4 Responses to “The Perfect Ladybug Party Activity for the Kids”
  1. Jenn Mak says:

    This is really nice. Like you said, an activity for the kids and a party favor for them to take home. I love it when you can find a craft for the kids that serves 2 purposes! I like that you can also have the kids design a tee-shirt to put on the ladybug and your idea to have a fashion show. Thanks!

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