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Personalized M&M Candy Birthday Party Favors

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Personalized M&M's

Personalized M&M’s

So when I see a great idea of course I always share it and this is yet another one of them. Now I am not always big on giving out candy as a Party Favor, but this one is very cool and Unique.  My M&M’s® will now personalize your candy with photo’s and your own words and messages.  Not only that you can choose the colors too and there is a large variety to choose from. Now that I think is a very cool Party Favor Idea or even a great idea for the M&M lover.

In addition to the M&M® Personalized Candies then even have some of the most popular Disney Themes like Princesses, High School Musical,  Fairies, Cars, Toy Story, Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and more.

Disney Fairy M&M's

Disney Fairy M&M’s

High School Musical M&M's

High School Musical M&M’s

You can even get them with your Favorite Sports Teams. Just amazing. The prices all vary of course depending on what style you get, but I just think it is a very Unique Option when it comes to Birthday Party Favors. So send those kids home with a Unique Treat that will not melt in their hands!!


4 Responses to “Personalized M&M Candy Birthday Party Favors”
  1. Mckenna says:

    I am looking for Angry Birds M&M

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