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How to Make your Own Personalized T-Shirt

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make your own personalized tshirtI wanted to share with you a fun project you can do for your kids or with your kids and that is creating a cool Personalized T-Shirt just like the one in the photo.

Last night my daughter had her friend over and I was a bit bored so I decided to make her a T-Shirt. I always have white T-Shirts in my house for when my daughter has sleepovers they can create their own night shirts. Yes I am crazy like that, but the kids girls especially love to do that.

So I asked her what she wanted on her shirt and she could not decide so then I did – I went with doing her name. I planned out my design and I thought it came out so cool. My daughter loved it and asked if I would make one for her and so I did just that and while I was doing it I took photos to show you how so you can too. I know I know super nice of me – lol

Here is what you will need to create one:

  • Plain White T-Shirt (white works best but a light color would work as well)
  • Fabric Markers
  • Printer

make your own personalized tshirt 2

First I created my daughters name in Publisher using a cool font (BD Cartoon Shout). You can also do this step via PicMonkey. I printed it out and put that under the shirt and traced the letters. Also below that I have cardstock in between the shirt to avoid bleeding from the front to the back of the shirt – be sure to do that.

After I traced the letters onto the shirt I filled them in with random fun designs as you can see. I was inspired by Henna Art and you can actually look up some of the patterns, print them out and put that under the shirt and trace them or go freehand like I did. There is no right or wrong and that is what is so cool. Just have fun with it.

make your own personalized tshirt 3

After I did all my designs I colored them in using different colors, just enough to give that pop of color, but not overdone.

How cool is that? I think it came out really fun.

Oh and one more thing before wearing your new shirt just toss it in the dryer for about 5 minutes on hot to set the ink.

make your own personalized tshirt 4

How do I know it came out great? My daughter loves it and that is all that matters!!

DIY olaf tshirt

Now check this out – using the same print and trace technique my daughter wanted to make a T-Shirt for her cousin of Olaf from the movie Frozen.  I think it came out great.

This activity would be tons of fun at a birthday party and even better a sleepover. Print out some designs ahead of time or all the gussets names and let them trace and colors. They will love it and the shirt will double as your party favor – BONUS!!

make your own personalized tshirt 4

This is the T-Shirt I did last night first for my daughter’s friend – I love the colors on this one!!

So I hope I gave you some inspiration and ideas for your next party or just some fun crafts for a rainy day – these are seriously so easy to make and using the tracing method you can do any design.

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