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Peter Rabbit Birthday Party Theme

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I thought it would be fun to put together a Peter Rabbit Birthday Party Theme based on the classic story book by Beatrix Potter.  Who does not love the story of that curious little rabbit named Peter?

The story of Peter Rabbit happens to be one of my favorite childhood stories. I had this Peter Rabbit 45 RPM back in the day that I would listen to over and over. It was one of those read along records – that is a picture of the one I have to the right. I still have it packed away somewhere in my house. Brings back so many memories….

So when I recently stumbled across some Peter Rabbit Party Supplies I knew I had to create this post for those looking to celebrate their child’s birthday Peter Rabbit style. So let me show you what I have found and give you some Party Inspiration.

Now take a look at these Peter Rabbit Party Supplies by Meri Meri that feature the same illustrations that you will find in the Classic Beatrix Potter Books. Are they precious or what? There is everything from your Peter Rabbit Invitations, Plates, Napkins, Cups, the cutest Centerpiece, Peter Rabbit Cupcake Stand, Wrappers, Toppers, Banner, Favor & Gift Bags, Gift Tags and so much more.  My personal favorite from this collection has to be the Peter Rabbit Cupcake Holders – that is the one that has Peter Rabbit with the Wheel-barrel – I love that !!

Now that the Party Supplies are out of the way let me tell you some fun ideas you can do at the party with the kids.

Hide and Seek would be a fun game and the child who is the seeker can be Mr. McGregor and all the kids hiding are Peter Rabbit. Give Mr. McGregor a Big Straw Hat to wear to play the part and have the kids take turns being him.

Create some relay races using those Kid sized Plastic Rakes and Fake Vegetables like Cabbages, Lettuce, Radishes, Carrots etc…  Set it up so they have to push the Fake Vegetables to a finish line using the rake and racing against another player.

Using the same Fake Vegetables the kids can play toss. Set up a Basket and place some number values on the Veggies. Have the kids take turns tossing the Vegetables into the basket and add up their points to see who wins.

In the book Peter Rabbit knocks down 3 Flower Pots trying to escape, so to play off of this get 3 Plastic Flower Pots. Using the same Fake Vegetables have the kids play a game of Knock Down. Set the 3 Flower Pots up in a line on a table and let the kids see if they can knock them down by throwing the Vegetables at them.

Play a game of Tag and the person who is “It” is Mr. Mr. McGregor and again have them wear the Straw Hat to play the part. See if they can catch Peter Rabbit.

Pin the Buttons on Peter Rabbit. Draw a picture of Peter Rabbit (does not need to be perfect) on Poster Board wearing a Blue Jacket. Purchase some large buttons and put double stick tape on the backs of them. Have the kids play just as they would Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but see who can Pin the Button on Peter Rabbits Jacket.

Of course story time is perfect for this party. Go to your local library and find an oversized Peter Rabbit Story Book and sit down and read the story to the kids. I can listen to this story over and over again.

Have the kids Stuff a Plush Rabbit they can take home as their party favor. It will not look exactly like Peter Rabbit, but it could be pretty close and the kids would  love that. You can see a nice selection available on my website here: The Party Animal. The Plush Rabbits are available in both 16″ and 8″ sizes and you can also have them decorate a T-Shirt for them as well.

Pass the Carrot would be a fun game. Just like Hot Potato, but using a Carrot. You can use a real Carrot, Fake Carrot or have some extra fun and use this 21” Foam Filled Carrot.

Young kids love Pinatas and there is this adorable Carrot Pinata that would be perfect. Fill it with Peter Rabbit related items and healthy snacks. I found these cute Peter Rabbit Erasers

that would work well in there too. If you are planning ahead take advantage of all the Easter items when they go on sale.

There is also a a book called Peter Rabbit’s Party Book

by Beatrix Potter that you can still find out there that can be very useful for some ideas. There is party stationery such as illustrated party invitations and place cards. There are decorations for the table and the walls. In addition, there are instructions and materials for activities and games as well as  full-color fun masks of  the story characters. Also included are themed party recipes for drinks and snacks and cake too.

For food ideas of course lots of  Vegetables would work great, but ones the kids know and like. Maybe have some iced tea labeled Chamomile Tea along with some Blackberies, Milk and of course Bread (biscuits) – that is what Peter Rabbit missed out on having from all of his tiring days events in the garden.

Your Peter Rabbit Cupcakes are covered with the Peter Rabbit Party Supplies

above. The Cupcake Toppers and Liners are a must have for this party and I would even make Carrot Cupcakes for the party, but if you think the kids would not like that then make your Vanilla Cupcakes Orange and pretend they are – lol.

Oh so sneaky…. Just like Peter Rabbit !!

Party Favors for a Peter Rabbit Party could not be any easier. I would send the kids home with one of the many versions of the Peter Rabbit Book or any one of Beatrix Potter’s Books

. I love sending kids home with books!!! Then you can add in a Peter Rabbit Bookmark, some homemade Cookies in the shapes of Rabbits & Carrots, stick in a Juice Box or Drink and the kids go home with a Good Read and a snack to enjoy along with it. Does it get any easier than that?

You can also print off some of the many FREE Peter Rabbit Coloring Pages & Activity Sheets from the internet – Now that is a fun FREE Bonus.

I had so much fun writing up this Peter Rabbit Party Post that I want a Peter Rabbit Party. There are just so many things you can do for this theme it makes my head spin. There is no age limit on this theme is there? It is a Classic and I can be considered a Classic.

One more great idea I have to share before I finish is this Peter Rabbit Mixed up Garden Snack Idea from Gourmet Mom on the Go (love her site).

“Peter Rabbit’s seeds got all mixed up this year and now he doesn’t know what has grown in his lovely garden! Will you help him eat his yummy treats and figure out what they are? Help Peter by digging in each hole, nibbling the food, and deciding what it is. Use your taste, smell, and sight to figure out this mystery! Good luck!”

Is that adorable or what? Visit her site for all the instructions and FREE Printable Cards HERE.

And remember that Ebay

and Etsy are also great places to shop for Unique Peter Rabbit Party Supplies you can use !! Have Fun !!


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  1. Cindy says:

    Thanks for this, too! Great post!

  2. Peter Rabbit Rules !!!

  3. Erin says:

    I’m doing a Peter Rabbit Picnic for my daughter’s 1st birthday and have fallen in love with the Meri Meri supplies! I had a lot of the same ideas 🙂

  4. Zsera says:

    Great post! Love the pinata and meri meri supplies!

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