Saturday, June 15, 2024

Pink Feather Boas are great for Girly Birthday Parties

Give the kids each a Pink Feather Boa at your next Girly Birthday Party. Sometimes these can get pricey, but when you buy them in bulk they are BUDGET FRIENDLY. The girls feel like little princesses wearing these and they also double as a Party Favor.

So whether you are hosting a Princess Party, Tea Party or just a Party where you will have little girls attending – Feather Boas are Perfect. I think Girls no matter what their age love to wear a Boa – I know I do – lol.

Boas are usually sold by the Dozen and that is the best way to save on cost. Other Colors and styles are also available. If you want to kick it up a notch you can even get ones that Light Up- LED Boas, but those cost a little bit more, but well worth it – especially if you are having your party at night.

Another great place to shop for feather boas is at One Way Novelties. You will find that their online shop has a huge selection of boas available in all colors with one of my favorites being the Rainbow Boa. So when shopping be sure to check them out as well !!

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