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Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Party Supplies

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Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Party Supplies are now here just in time for the movie that will be hitting theaters May 20th, 2011. Who is ready for yet another adventure at sea and a Party to go along with it?

Johnny Depp as Black Sparrow is back in Pirates of the Caribbean 4 On Stranger Tides and this movie will definitely be a hit just like the 3 prior. Sometimes I wonder if I watch the movie for the action or just to watch Johnny Depp on the Big Screen – shhh don’t tell my husband.

In addition to these New Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Party Supplies I would like to show you some more Party Booty that would be a perfect fit for this party theme.

Check out all this New Pirates of the Caribbean Party Loot – Ebay Seller EventWrapper has a nice selection of New Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Party Invitations including Ticket Style, VIP Passes and other Personalized Party Invites available. In addition to that you can get everything to match like Candy Bar Wrappers, Water Bottle Labels and much more. Now that is a lot of Booty !!!

Let the kids have a little fun with this Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Party GameEveryone selects a game piece and starts at “depart here”…spin the spinner and go one space in the direction of the needle….some of the squares have bad things to do and some good…first one to the “X” wins! Sounds like fun to me.

How about a Life Size Jack Sparrow Cardboard Stand Up? This would be very cool at your party and it makes the best Photo Opportunity. Take a picture of all the party guests with Jack and then one of each them individually. Then have them printed and mail to each guest as a Thank You and a fun keepsake.

Here is an EASY way to create a Pirate Ship Cake – just use this Pirate Ship Cake Topper Set– it comes with everything you need less the Cake of course to make your cake look just like this one – is that cool or what? There is also a New Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Cake Topper that will be available soon.

I will be creating some Pirate Cupcakes that I will post here as soon as they are done – So Check Back.

I am not always a fan of the Pre-made Party Favors Boxes, but this Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Party Favor Box is cool. I like the Treasure Chest Box and the Loot in side is just enough. The only thing I would add to this is a Pirates of the Caribbean Book for the kids. You can find many on the market for all age and reading levels.

There is no lack of Pirate Party Supplies on the market so just set your Budget or you will end up spending a ton of money on this Party !!

You may want to also stop by my Post and see all the New Pirates of the Caribbean 4 On Stranger Tides Costumes:


2 Responses to “Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Party Supplies”
  1. Belgie says:

    This movie pales in comparison to the first. It is not as good as the second or third either. It is bad enough that I actually had to stop watching it and take a break. It just seems cheesy to the point of being stupid. There are a few scenes that make it watchable though. The mermaid scene is really cool and reminds me of the quality of the first movie alot.

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