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Planet 51 Birthday Party

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planet 51

Are you ready to plan a Planet 51 Birthday party that will be out of this world? If you answered YES then let me show you all the fun party supplies and ideas you can use to make it happen.  With the movie Planet 51 kids are going to be asking for this party theme and I think it will be a big favorite with the boys. Who does not love aliens and astronauts? The characters in the movie are also a lot of fun: You have Chuck the Astronaut who discovers the planet, Eckle the 7 year old boy who is obsessed with monsters, aliens and comic books, Rover the exploration Vehicle, Professor Kipple who looks for brains to study and many more. It is a boys dream to me. So let me show you what is available and some fun party ideas. Here we go – get ready for take off in 1…..2…..3…….

Planet 51 party supplies

Birthday Express offers the Planet 51 Birthday Party Supplieswhich feature all the kids favorite movie characters. You can buy the Deluxe Party Kit which will include
8 invitations, dinner plates, cups, forks, spoons, activity placemats, 16 napkins, centerpiece, solid-color tablecover, mylar balloon, 18 balloons (3 colors), curling ribbon (3 colors), crepe paper rolls (3 colors), star confetti and cake candles. Now also keep in mind you can always buy each item separately as well if you want to mix and match them with solid colors. They also carry all the coordinating supplies like Planet 51 Balloons, Birthday Banners, Wall Decals and more and they are all exclusive to Birthday Express.

planet 51 party favor

They also offer the Planet 51 Party Favor Boxes which includes Planet 51 Stickers, Note Pad,  Space Design Pencil, Pop Rocks, Earth Ball and Red Flashing Light. And again all of those items can be purchased separately if you wanted to create your own favors using just come of those items.

Planet 51 pinata

Of course with any party you will also want to get your Planet 51 PinataKids love pinatas and it adds to the party fun. Fill it with fun candies like Pop Rocks, Exploding Candy, Slime, Space Toys and things along those lines to go along with the theme. Be original and have fun with your choices – the kids will be surprised when they get it open to find some really cool space aged treats fall out.

Planet 51 party standup

Now this is one of my favorite party items and I am happy to see it available in this theme. It is a Life Size Cardboard Stand up of Chuck – he stands at almost 6 feet. I love the stand ups because they add to the fun of the party and also make a great photo opportunity for the guests. Take their photo with Chuck and send it as your Thank You for the kids to have and frame. And my other favorite – it is a double purpose decoration – when the party is over your child has a very cool item to stick in their room.

Photo Courtesy: Growabrain

Photo Courtesy: Growabrain

For some fun food – How about a Brain Cake or Jello Mold – being Professor Kipple is always looking for brains to study and all. You can easily create one using the Brain Mold and it has many great uses. This would a lot of fun for the kids and a definite conversation starter.

Photo Courtesy:

Photo Courtesy:

There is also a lot of Galactic Goo going around Planet 51 – so a fun activity for the kids would be making Slime at the party.  Here is my Slime Recipe:  Mix 1 Tbsp. of Borax (laundry isle –grocery store) with 1 cup of water-(set aside), in a baggie/bowl mix 2Tbsp. White glue with 1 Tbsp. of water & food coloring of choice, then add 1 Tbsp. of the Borax water. Have the kids mix it up in disposable bowls and let them play for awhile – then give them each a ziploc to store it in and take home.

Planet 51 Rover

Rover the exploration vehicle is an important character in the movie he is like a pet dog. You can have the kids create their own vehicles as an activity by using recycled things you can save around the house like boxes, toilet paper tubes, construction paper and all kinds of fun trinkets you can find. Let the kids use their imaginations and have fun creating their own space vehicles.

planet 51

Find Planet 51 Game -Break your party guests into teams, give each team an American Flag that have a stick attached. Hide outside what you will consider to be Planet 51 – like a small ball, a piece of paper etc… Then on go have the kids look for Planet 51 – first team to find it gets to mark it with their flag. You can do this for multiple planets and give them a list of what they are looking for. Put the teams names on the flags and when all the planets are found the team with the most flags down wins.

It is not that hard to come up with some fun games ideas playing off the movie – This theme can go many ways with Astronauts, Aliens, Space, Planets, Science and so on. Get the kids involved with coming up with games ideas. Use this type of party theme and add in some educational games about the planets and space.  You can also find lots of fun toys, favors and party fun at The Space Store – so check out all they have to offer. Some of my favorites that the kids are always intrigued by is the Space Food selection – maybe set up a taste test station and see who can guess what they are eating.


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