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Autograph Pillowcases great for Sleepover Parties

March 14, 2009 by  
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autograph pillowcaseAre you planning a Sleepover Party? If you are then a great activity for your guests are Autograph Pillowcases. They are fun for the kids to create and also make a great party favor for them to take home.

Basically you give each guest their own Pillowcase and some Fabric Markers. Let them sign each others and even draw pictures and so on. The Fabric Markers make their designs and autographs permanent and it makes a wonderful keepsake for the to have that is useful and full of memories.

You can also purchase some solid colored pillowcases for each child to design or use one of the many Autograph Pillowcases that have adorable designs made just for this in mind.  I also recommend to not use paint and to use the Fabric Markers – it is less messy and they can use them right away without waiting for anything to dry.

Girls especially love this activity and they love the to take them home and use after the party – Oh the memories of Sleepover Parties !!!

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