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Pumpkin Push Ins require No Carving and are Mess Free

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Are you looking for a Fun way to get the kids involved with decorating Pumpkins that require no Carving and is also Mess Free? If so then I have to show you these cool Pumpkin Push Ins that are so much fun for all ages, but especially the little ones. This just takes decorating Pumpkins to a whole new level.

I was in Kmart just recently and came across these Pumpkin Push Ins and I had to buy them. They are called Totally Ghoul Pumpkin Push Ins and there were 3 sets of them available  (Monster, Funny Faces & Animal)  so I bought them all to try them out. Basically they are just like Mr. Potato Head Parts, but you stick them right into a Pumpkin.

I think these are a great option for the kids – They truly are Mess Free and would make a nice addition to your Pumpkin Decorating Party. I have seen many styles of these Pumpkin Push Ins on the market, but these from Kmart really offered a nice variety of fun faces and they were cheap too – less than $4 each pack.

Here they are before I opened them

Here are all the pieces laid out from each of the packages – Now that is a lot of Parts. I did not count them, but as you can see there is a lot of pieces that could make a ton of great Pumpkin Face combination’s for sure. So that is what I did – I took my Pumpkin and created a bunch for you to see. Again all you do it Push them in and that is it – SUPER EASY.

Are they Fun or What?

You can order the Pumpkin Push In I used from Kmart right online Here:

Totally Ghoul Pumpkin Push Ins

If you are having a Pumpkin Decorating Party with the kids you can either purchase a pack for each of them or get a few of the Packs and lay out all the parts on a table for them to choose from. Give each child 1 or 2 Pumpkins they can decorate with the Push Ins and let them have fun creating. The best part is that you will not have to worry about the mess from Carving or a Mess from Paints – Is that great?

These Pumpkin Push Ins also make a great Halloween Party Favor to send the kids home with since they are so inexpensive.

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